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Nexus 5 32GB MEIDs not valid


Re: Nexus 5 32GB MEIDs not valid

I tried to submit a ticket but failed.

"I currently have a Nexus 5 16GB and would like to switch over and activate a Nexus 5 32GB phone I purchased from the Google Play Store.  On 05/24/2014 I opened ticket SD25603xx to add it to inventory so I could activate but a rep says the ticket was closed due to bad ESN number.  I would like to open a new ticket with these numbers:  SKU: LGD820 AUS3BK  IMEI: 358239-05-73xxx-x MEID(ESN)-HEX: 3582390573xxxx S/N: 312KPUU73xxxx UPC: 52810 11941 2"

They closed the ticket that the number was invalid.  Never notified so I chatted again.

I tried to submit a new one.

"Angela C.: We do not sale the 32 gb nexus so the ticket will not work for it. We can never activate it on our network. It is a common request."

I guess I keep trying with new reps?


Re: Nexus 5 32GB MEIDs not valid


I hate to hear about the troubles you are currently having when trying to activate your new device. My apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. I can certainly enter a new ticket for you however I would need all the device number you provided in full. Please send a personal message to @sprintcare with this information and I will get it re-submitted for you.

Sprint Social Care

Re: Nexus 5 32GB MEIDs not valid

Blue I have a Sprint Blackberry 9930 that MEID is not in system. How do I get that fixed to activate. I called 3 times. 2 tickets . a store visit and 5 days later still waiting.


Re: Nexus 5 32GB MEIDs not valid


I understand your concern. I apologize for any late response. Please allow me to have a more in-depth look into this issue for you. For further assistance, visit

Sprint Social Care
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