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Nexus 5 32GB


Nexus 5 32GB

Hi, I have a doubt that I am hoping a product ambassador for this phone might be able to clear.

I have been due for a contract renewal for almost 1 year. I was waiting for the Nexus 5 to come out so I could use my subsidy to purchase it. Now though, I am at a quandary of whether or not I should obtain it directly from the Play Store ($400 is a tough pill to swallow) or wait for Sprint in the hopes they start selling it.

Now, I was chatting with Sprint Customer Support and the attendant helping me told me that he heard some possibilities of Sprint actually selling the 32GB. I know there is more than the eye can see in these types of deals between Google and Sprint and what can be subsidized and what cannot. Yet, I am hoping to atleast get more insight in what is out there. The attendant suggested me to email corporate and show my interest, given that with demand there would be more reason to start selling the phone.

To conclude, do you guys think there is a possibility? Anything that has been heard?

I really want to upgrade and I will gladly sign another 2 years with Sprint. But it will only happen if you do indeed sell the 32GB version of the Nexus 5. I am not really interested in any other phone out there at this moment.

Thank you for reading and to whoever helps out!

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Re: Nexus 5 32GB

I don't ever recall sprint releasing a phone and then later releasing a larger storage option. My guess is they will not be releasing the 32GB version.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Nexus 5 32GB

Sprint will not sell the 32 GB model officially through our customer subsidized programs. We will only sell the 16 GB model. I totally understand and agree that dropping $400 for a device (when we've all settled into the "$199 and below" expectation for a few years now) is a hard pill to swallow. But look at the upside: You own the device outright. You won't be locked into any kind of contract. So if that shiny-new-cool thing comes out in a month, 6 months or a year, you still have your upgrade subsidy "in your pocket."

We're seeing more quality smartphone devices hitting the market at never-seen-before low prices. Take a look in the news at the Moto G. It's not releasing in the US until next year, but it's a ground-breaking device in that it's high quality, first rate smartphone technology that's completely unsubsidized by any a "subsidized discount" price.

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Re: Nexus 5 32GB

Sad to hear, but atleast I now know for sure!

Thank you very much for your help Ninja. As you say, phones are indeed becoming cheaper, specially when coming from Google (Or in the Moto X/G a Google owned company).

For now though, I might just have to swallow that tough pill and go for it. I still have doubts on whether or not a 16GB phone will be enough for my usage...

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