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Nexus 5 Activation Hiccup Fail on Sprints part


Nexus 5 Activation Hiccup Fail on Sprints part

So I bought a Nexus 5 and started reading up on how to activate it since it only had an IMEI number and no MEID. Found out that you need to leave the last digit off and what not. After seeing that it required a UICC/SIM I promptly contacted Sprint chat. Told the rep I wanted to activate the phone and he asked for the MEID number, which I gave. Then he asked for the UICC/SIM and I informed him I didn't have it. He then connected me to SWW to order one. After receiving it now I can't activate the the phone AT ALL. I can't get to the screen to put in the UICC number and when I enter the MEID number all I get is an error that says:

Hmmm… this number doesn't match our records, please try again.

Now I know this has to be an error on Sprints side since before I tried activating it would let me go to the UICC part of activation. Contacted Sprint chat 5 times. Called twice, spoke to technical support once, still no luck. Now they want me return/exchange the phone to the Google Play store and get a new one? Pay the return shipping, not to mention wait another two weeks for them to ship me out a new one?

I PM'd RLCOLLECTOR68 twice on here as he seems he might be able to fix the problem, but nothing.

How is it that this Sprint Rep was able to attempt to activate the Device on Wednesday, but come Sunday when I finally have the SIM in my hand it is coming up invalid and no longer in their DB? And now it's MY FAULT and I have to pay to get a new phone and wait another 2 weeks...I hope a rep sees this and fixes the issue...

Chat Type: Activate/Swap Phone-Need Help

Chat Reason: Swap phone with Nexus 5 IMEI# ***

Passcode: xxxxx

Customer: Hey *** I need to swap my device

Sprint Rep: Hello ***!

Sprint Rep: I will be glad to help you with the activation process.

Sprint Rep: Please give me a moment to review your account.

Sprint Rep: I understand you want to activate the Nexus 5 on your line-5274.

Customer: yes

Sprint Rep: Let's work together to activate the phone.

Customer: ok

Sprint Rep: Before we begin your phone activation, please turn off your new and old device.

Customer: ok done

Sprint Rep: Perfect!

Sprint Rep: The activation process usually involves a lot of steps. Please allow me a couple of moments while I set this up correctly. Thank you for being patient while I am working on this for you.

Customer: ok

Sprint Rep: Thanks.

Sprint Rep: I require the MEID is available on the box as an 14-18 character code with HEX or DEC before it.

Customer: ***

Sprint Rep: Do you UICC card with you?

Customer: No not at the moment

Sprint Rep: You have**

Customer: I was going to pick one up after work.

Sprint Rep: I see.

Customer: I thought that was only required to enable LTE service.

Sprint Rep: We have a special team who will help us to fix this situation right away.

Customer: Ok thank you.

Sprint Rep: You're welcome.

Sprint Rep: Let me find the direct link of our special team who will help us in the situation immediately.

Sprint Rep: Here is the direct link to chat with our International care team:

Sprint Rep:

Sprint Rep: They will help you to get the UICC id for your phone and then we would be able to activate your phone.


Re: Nexus 5 Activation Hiccup Fail on Sprints part


Thank you for posting. I am sorry to hear of the issues you have had with getting the Nexus 5 to be activated. Have you had a chance to speak to one of our technicians in a repair store? You can call to see if they have a UICC sim for you at the store and set up an appointment.  To find your closest repair store check here: WWW.SPRINT.COM/STORELOCATOR . I would suggest giving the repair center a call and explain the issue you are having with activation.  Please let us know what the outcome is. 

Thank you, 

Social Care Team


Re: Nexus 5 Activation Hiccup Fail on Sprints part

I have tried to activate my nexus 5 for a while now.  ticket#sd2320396 and #2321672.  Its to the point that the service agent told me to go to another carrier.  REALLY?  If it doest port over in the morning I think I will go to Tmobile.  I have the sprint sim card inside, They have tried the imei# with and without the last digit (14 vs 15 digits).  I was under the impression that all nexus5s were the same here in the USA.  Could it be that I have the one that doesnt work.  When I turn on the phone and go phone status in the menu it shows sprint network, cdma evdo etc. shows the sim card number IMEI and MEID which are identical -the last digit.  I will not return the phone for another it will just be quicker to go to tmobile.  Please can you clarify before I jump ship.


Re: Nexus 5 Activation Hiccup Fail on Sprints part


I am just following up with you on getting ported over with your Nexus 5. Were they able to get everything fixed for you? We hope you didn't have to leave.  Please let us know we are here for you.

Thank you,


Social Care Team

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