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Nexus 5 Google play edition


Nexus 5 Google play edition

I have purchased a second google play edition of the nexus 5.  The first one was a breeze to activate, I just got to micro sim card from the store and called customer support.  However, now all of the stores are out of sim cards and when I called customer service they tried to sell me a new phone.  Does anyone know the solution to this?


You don't need to get a new sim card, you can use the one from the old phone if you still have it, you just need to have a Sprint employee transfer the sim card information which is tied to the phone. This can be done via online too without having to go to the store.



Going to the store is the correct method in getting this done. Have any of the stores been service and repair centers. It is suggested to call ahead to make sure that the store has some in stock if not your welcome to try and contact Sprint World Wide Services.

Sprint Social Care Team

Call international customer service. They will provide you with one for free. Its 12 or 13 dollars for overnight shipping.

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