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Nexus 5 - No LTE + other problems


Nexus 5 - No LTE + other problems

I have a nexus 5 that i activated a little less than a week ago. It has been working fine most of the time until yesterday.

My phone only connects to 3G network. I tried updating PRL and Profile. My phone is also set to LTE under preferred network settings.

My sister has a Galaxy S3, we live under the same roof and her phone shows a LTE connection. Whats going on?

Also my Nexus 5 does not notify me when i receive a voicemail. I do not want to use google voice because it may affects other peoples mobile to mobile minute usage.

Is there a voicemail app i can download to use?


Good morning giegler,

I would like to get a closer look at your specific area. The coverage map is a good way to get an idea of what coverage is like in the area, but I can get a closer look at the specific towers and what's going on in the area as well. I would need to get your zip code and your cross streets so I can take a peek. We'll start with that and go from there.

Thank you,
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