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No LTE Connection for Nexus 5 Suddenly Started


No LTE Connection for Nexus 5 Suddenly Started

I have a Nexus 5 and can not connect to LTE at all! I am stuck on 3G with only about 1 MB download per second speed. The strange thing is for the 4 months I have had this phone I was on LTE almost all the time. Where I was constantly getting around 20 MB download per second speed. Now within the past few days something happened and I can not connect to LTE anymore. I have tried everything possible. Here are the things I have tried.

1.) Restarted the phone - did not work

2.) Updated PRL and Profile - did not work

3.) Pressed the code on the dial pad to reset and restart the phone network settings - did not work

4.) Changed the preferred network setting from Global to LTE - did not work (changed it back to Global)

The interesting thing is when I do all 4 of those things, it gets the LTE symbol for 5 to 10 seconds then goes blank then to 3G. So clearly I have done my research and done all the standard trouble shooting. My family which has Galaxy S3's are all connected to LTE, but my Nexus is not. So I know there is LTE coverage here. I want to know what and when something was done to the towers around here to effect my phone's connectivity.

I have read an article from Sprint about the problem these tri band devices are having (Nexus 5 and LG G2) are having with some unable to connect to LTE. In summary the article basically just says wait for the tower upgrades. But that is a unacceptable solution. Especially when mine worked on LTE fine for 4 months in this same area then stopped, which points to something being changed to the Sprint network in the area to cause it. I want someone from Sprint to inform me what was done to the network in the past few days in the area Anderson Avenue, Hanover, MD, 21076. I am not waiting months with no LTE for it to be fixed, I will not accept that as a solution, because that is not a solution.Not being able to access LTE with a LTE enabled smart phone purchased from them is a breach of contract if a solution!


The reason a lot of phones can't connect to LTE anymore even if they could before if due to CSFB

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