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Product Ambassador: Nexus 5 Battery Life


With the 2,300 mAh I have had great experience with the life of the battery. Sure, its not as high as some of the other phone like the G3 or GFlex (Since they are both able to hold larger batteries 3,000 mAh), but for the size it is long lasting. As a heavy user of my phones (Playing games, watching movies, listening to music, Texting, Email, Etc.) I was still able to use my phone  throughout the day until about the time I went to bed. If I had to plug it in at all during the day it was at about 4 pm (I unplug my phone at 5:30 am) so as you can see it is very good battery life given the circumstances.

I find that the LG Nexus 5 does a great job at resource usage and ensures that they make it so that the apps and background are not continually draining the battery. For the size of the phone, and the size of the battery, you cannot go wrong with the battery life on the LG Nexus 5!

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