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Sprint Product Ambassador: LG Nexus 5 Runtime


LG Nexus 5 Runtime

Google released a new runtime system in late 2013. It’s been available for developers and partners to provide feedback to Google about experiences and bugs. Now, you can enable the new runtime on your Nexus 5 device! This is still a work in progress, although many have reported it much more stable recently. There’s no need to root your phone, or rip and APKs to enable this system tweak.

How to:

    1. Enable Developer options: Go to settings>about phone and tap “Build Number” 7 times. You should see a message flash about now being a developer.

    2. Runtime from Dalvik to ART: Settings>Developer Options>Select Runtime

3.       3. Your phone will reboot and start converting all of your apps. This could take a long time to process.

Okay, let me back up a bit. ART is the name of the new runtime system google is working on. A runtime is the part of the OS that executes (runs) all of your apps. ART stands for… wait for it…. Android RunTime. Shocking right? There may still be some apps that don’t work or are buggy but if you find that’s the case, don’t fret. Since it’s a Google/Android official toggle, it’s all completely reversible. Just follow step two above to revert back to Dalvik runtime.

So why would you want to switch? What makes ART better than Dalvik? Well, besides being the newer version… many forums and reports claim better battery performance and faster UI. I can tell you while I didn’t notice that much of a difference in speed when I switched, it was MUCH more apparent when I switched back! If you’re interested in giving your phone a little UI speed boost, and possibly better battery performance then go ahead and try the new runtime from Google.

Here are some links to read up on ART vs Dalvik:

[inappropriate link removed]

Thanks for reading, For more information on this device visit Nexus 5

- Your Product Ambassador Team

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