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What an ordeal!


What an ordeal!

What an ordeal it was to get my N5 connected.  I got the phone delivered Monday so I went to T-mobile to give them a try before connecting the phone to Sprint.  After 2 days of testing, T-Mobile failed miserably.  I decided to connect the phone to Sprint last night so I called up a bunch of stores to try and get a SIM card (as mentioned on these boards).  Half of the stores I called kept saying that Spring doesn't use SIM cards and the other half said they didn't have any in stock.

I called again this morning to try and find a SIM card and called the 2 local corporate stores.  One store in Jamaica NY said they don't give out SIM cards unless you purchase a new phone.  The other store in Woodside NY said that they don't have any SIM cards but they'd ask the manager.  The manager said no, not for people unless they purchase a new Iphone/S4 so I asked to speak to the manager.  I was placed on hold for 40 minutes...no exaggeration.  Finally, another employee picked up who happened to be a technician.  She said that the manager was too busy and that they did not have any SIM cards in stock.  She said to try and call the corporate head office for some help.

So I call the 800 number and speak to a really nice rep who tries and calls all nearby Sprint stores to find me a SIM card.  None of them have any so she transfers me to the international sales to order one.  I wasn't happy about ordering one but I had no choice.  The gentlemen at the international sales desk said that they're back ordered and that I'd receive it in at least 3-4 weeks.  At this point I was pretty upset and said that I wouldn't want to place an order and that I'd like to speak to another customer service rep about the terms of canceling my account and connecting to ATT instead.  He kindly transferred me to another customer service rep in sales to see if he had any SIM cards.  He didn't either so he transferred me to a customer service supervisor.  The supervisor was also pleasant but said he couldn't do much besides order me a SIM card which would take at least 3-4 weeks.  I told him that I would consider waiting but if they can credit my account since waiting 3-4 weeks to use a flagship phone that's on their network is unacceptable.  He was able to offer on $25.00, which I found highly substandard, so I said that I'd consider it and get back to them.  All of the Sprint reps I spoke to through the 800 number were very kind and courteous unlike the 2 corporate stores I dealt with nearby.

I decided to give it one more try and called a corporate store in the Green Acres Mall.  I was in complete shock when the rep told me that they had SIM cards and to come by and get one.  I ran out of the door, drove to the store, and got a SIM card in no time!  I finally thought I was finished with this ordeal but it was only getting started!

I tried connecting the phone to no avail through Sprint.com and was prompted to chat through the site with a rep.  I gave the rep all of the info and after a reboot or two my phone connected to Sprint.  I went to another part of my house that has stronger service to do the updates Sprint requires and had the phone connected to Sprint.  I again thought that I was finally done but that thought went out of the window when I made a test call to my landline phone.  The caller ID showed that my phone number was something completely different than my number was and the name was completely different! 

I again called back customer service and it seems like either the employee I was doing the webchat with or the employee who was setting up the phone for the person who's number I ended up getting made an error that screwed everything up for the both of us.  After an hour on the phone, the service rep was able to switch my SIM card number/phone number to my N5 and the other customer's info to their phone. 

I can currently say that my phone is working, with my number, and I'm able to LTE unlike some other people who connect to 3g and not LTE but at what cost?  From 10:00 this morning until 16:00 I worked on getting this resolved and spoke to at least 10 different Sprint employees who had to assist/pacify me instead of doing something more productive on their end.   I was told that Google/LG really boggled things by the Sprint reps but how?  Imagine the logistics needed to manufacture different parts from different vendors, bring them to a factory to assemble these phones, have the phones tested and then shipped.  It's a huge undertaking!  Sprint on the other hand needs to make sure their website can let people register the phone and lastly have enough damn SIM cards for everyone.  How difficult is it to have SIM cards?!?! I mean really?!?! ATT, TMOBILE, Walmart, KMART all have millions of SIM cards in envelops ready for people to purchase them and use their phones.  Can Sprint really not get something so simple right?

I'm keeping my service until January 1st, when my contract runs up and will seriously consider switching to ATT because I never had these types of issues before with ATT. 

Good luck to you all making your N5's work, which you all paid for with your hard earned money!


Re: What an ordeal!

I'm glad you finally got yours activated. I've been trying to get my Nexus 5 activated on Sprint since Tuesday and am no closer today than I was yesterday, or the day before. Isn't Sprint great?!

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