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Will Sprint review Nexus 5 OS Updates?


Will Sprint review Nexus 5 OS Updates?

I have the Galaxy Nexus and when I got the phone I remember reading that I'd get OS updates directly from Google and bypass Sprint's review process. As I later found out, that wasn't the case. OS updates have been slow for the Galaxy Nexus, just look at the 4.3 update which was released either yesterday or today.

So my question is will the Nexus 5 ACTUALLY receive it's updates directly from Google in their timely fashion considering this phone is actually going to be the same phone used for T-Mobile/AT&T, or will Sprint conduct it's slow review process for new updates?


Re: Will Sprint review Nexus 5 OS Updates?


Thanks for the post. upgrades still get sent from Google. The 4.3 is over the air and are being deployed over a time frame between the end of Oct. through the end of Nov.


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