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notification light not working


notification light not working

The notification light at the bottom of the phone does not light up when I receive a text message, missed call, or low battery. I have the pulse notification turned on in the display, settings options menu.

Anyone else have this problem or a solution? I've even tried the light flow app and still nothing...



Thanks for posting. I am sorry that you're experiencing an issue with the Nexus 5 notification light not working. I have searched our device known issues, and this is not an issue that has been reported. I strongly suggest that you take you device into a S&R center for additional assistance. Please feel free to visit to locate a store nearby. After your store visit, may you please share with us the outcome.

Thank You,

DePaul W.

Sprint Social Care Team


Mine is working but I have the 32GB version from Google Play on T-Mobile

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