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Sprint Product Ambassador: Nexus 6 final review

Sprint Product Ambassador



I have been carrying the Google Nexus 6 on my personal line for several weeks now and I have to say it is a solid phone now. I say it like that because I did run into a few things when I first started using it and mainly around battery and signal strength.


My house is in the country 5-7 miles from the nearest tower so I am use to having LTE upstairs and 3G downstairs with my other phones. My Nexus 6 before 5.1 update would generally have 1x and was very frustrating. Now, I receive LTE upstairs and sometimes even downstairs which is really great....

The problem I had before the 5.1 software update was with battery life. Before the recent software update I had to charge my phone up around 5 in the evening. Now, I am able to go the whole day on the same charge and only connect it when I go to be at night around midnight sometimes a little earlier depending on activity...

main apps 2.PNG

The only other thing I had to figure out was finding apps I similar to what I use with other phones with OEM overlay... a few searches in Google Play Store and I was able to set my Nexus 6 up the way I wanted it. That is one of the great things about Android is the ability to setup your phone the way you want it...

main apps.PNG

My final thoughts on the Nexus 6 is that it is a great phone after the recent 5.1 software update. The nexus 6 provides a large crisp display, 2 front facing speakers that deliver excellent sound and is very fast. The phone feels real solid when holding it and I now have it activated as my backup phone while I review other new phones Sprint carries.

Visit a Sprint store yourself and check out the Google Nexus 6 to see if it is the phone for you!



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