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Sprint Product Ambassador : The Protector


No this is not the name of the new Liam Neesan movie, though at this point what else title can be used.

Protection at a decent price is the key in my mind for the Nexus 6. I want to be able to put a good case and screen protector but I am not the guy to spend over 20 bucks.

The first day I got the Nexus showed me that I had to protect this bad boy. I had the phone to my wife and just like a Tampa Bucs wide receiver, she drops the thing. I knew then that I had to contain this device is something for those who have butter fingers.

I searched Amazon for something good yet inexpensive. I am not one to break the bank when purchasing anything, in other words I am a cheapskate.

Yootech makes a great screen protector whose price point is appealing as well as the standards that they uphold in their product.


I have not tried taking a hammer to the screen, nor do I plan to. However its nice to know that in the event that I decided to go crazy on my device this glass would protect the phone from me.


The Non Slip cover is a decent case to envelop your phone in, it provides adequate protection and yet doesn't add too much bulk to the device.


Over all, I paid less that 20 bucks for these two and am satisfied thus far in my investment.


Stanny George


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