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Sprint Product Ambassadors: How Modern Family Inspired Me To Use My Nexus 6


Who out there's a Modern Family fan?

Well my wife and I are...she likes to compare my dad and step mom to Jay and Gloria (actually kind of spot on). She oft laughs in amusement over how much Phil and I are alike. Yet the other night she sat silently, teary eyed, watching ModFam.

She soon said, as she does every week - only this time the sound of what seemed like sadness, not amusement, accompanied the words; "You and Phil are so alike."

I was caught off guard with her whirlwind of emotions, I quickly replied, "WTF!?!" Her bottom lip began quivering and a frown formed while I continued, "Seriously, why the face babe, save those tears for the sad things in life."

What she said next broke my heart, "It's just not fair that I got you in real life, and he is fictional."

That's my wife for you. So loving. So caring. Her heart breaks over that fact that others can only watch and admire Phil, while she gets to come home to me every night.

True story: I convinced my 11 yr old when he was 6 that WTF was Where's The Fun? He still uses it in that context daily with me, and doesn't know the truth. He probably tells his friends, "My dad thinks ....., and I totally convinced him I believe him."

But allow me to get back on track. After all, this is a Nexus 6 blog, not a Phil Dunphy fan club post. Which is why I'm sure you are wondering why I would even mention ModFam here to begin with.

Well, it's simple really. On Feb. 25th an episode of ModFam took place solely on a MacBook screen and only shot with cameras from iPhones and iPads. Although there have been several short films, commercials and music videos shot exclusively via cellphone (Windows, iOS and Android), ModFam just took it a step further.

This gave me the inspiration for this blog posting(s).  Sure I'm not the first or even the 5,000th person to type a blog entirely on a cell phone...probably not even the 5,000th to do it on the Nexus 6. But I want to try and capture how I incorporate technology, like ModFam did. They took about 3 months to film that episode...I'm going with 3 days, probably not consecutively. I want to share with you all what makes Android, (an open source OS), better than iOS, (the most non-open OS). And why the Nexus 6, Android's flagship phone, is better than the iPhone 6/6+ - in my opinion.

I will focus on three topics, I'm calling my trilogy of postings that follow:

The Modern Trinity: Innovation, Customization and Automation.

But for the rest of your time today I am going to highlight some of the advantages I have in completing this task on a Nexus 6 with Android Lollipop that I would not have with most other Android devices.

  1. Pure Googly Google Goodness - or Googliness for short (thanks The Intership) - The Nexus 6 out of the box has the latest version of Android, so I have all the latest Android capabilities at my finger tips. With ver.5.1 hopefully landing real soon.
  2. Never feel bloated again!...The Nexus 6 is delivered sans bloat ware...meaning I have more space and resources to use what matters to me the most; and there are no apps using these things up because a manufacturer thought they knew me better than I know myself.
  3. Versatility in charging my device...A few days after getting the Nexus 6 I downloaded an app called QualityTime.
    •   It tracks and reports your usage daily/weekly and statistically based on times unlocked, usage per "session" and usage per app. The goal is to make the user aware, and schedule some "quality time" away from your device. I am embarrassed to admit that last week (3/1-3/7), my first full week with the phone & app, I used the phone for 47hrs and 4min....My first Saturday with the phone, Feb 28th, was my highest daily total of 10hrs 43min (I had 2 10+ hour days). In my defense my family was out of town that Saturday, and I don't sleep much.

But what I'm getting at is with all of that usage, and more to come over the next several days of this project, the Nexus 6 gives me versatility in charging.

    • I can lay it down on my QI mat for some wireless energy while I'm cooking.
    • A few paragraphs above my phone reduced to 15%, I gave it 20-25 mins of some alone time on the turbo charger and BAM, back in business at 40%+.

Those are two extremely beneficial advantages for anyone throughout the day. If battery life technology stays stagnant with respect to mobile devices, at least charging capabilities/creativity is progressing. With the Nexus 6 I have access to all options...QI charger sold separately.


QualityTime-My Digital Diet by ZeroDesktop Inc.

So there you have it, my first entry completed entirely on the Nexus 6.

This edition was entirely done in GoogleDocs and QuickOffice using the keyboard to type and "swipe", I also used voice to text for some portions. Truth be told I am really impressed with GoogleDocs on mobile, I've always hoarded office apps but seldom used them at all - let alone this much. +1 for GoogleDocs.

Some "guidelines" I will follow:

  • My entire blog posting must be completed on my device
  • I will allow myself to copy/paste in Sprint Community via PC - BUT I CAN NOT EDIT ADD/REMOVE...all content must be captured and managed on the Nexus 6
    • The only exception being that I may edit the attached image's size
  • I will attach a copy of the orginial file to each posting
    • I plan to use Microsoft Office, GoogleDocs and at least one other office suite
    • I'll incorporate some Bluetooth peripherals and Chromecast to spice things up...I'll even toss in a hangout or two...

Who knows what will happen? But with the Nexus 6, I'm ready for anything. Well except randomly appearing Lollipops.

If you haven't already, check out the "Flappy Android" game hidden within Lollipop...go to Settings ->About Phone -> tap on the Android version until a Lollipop pic shows up, tap that to change the colors, and long press to access this game.


Disclaimer: The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. #sprintemployee.