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Sprint Product Ambassadors:Nexus 6 Wrapup


The Nexus 6 has been by far my most favorable device experience quite possibly ever. I have been extremely fortunate to carry most flagship devices in the past, but none have compared as well to the Nexus 6.

At first there were some hiccups, duplicate texts, getting used to Google voice as my voice-mail client and setting up and using Hangouts as the way to achieve WiFi calling. But those were minor hiccups at best, esspecially since the 5.1 lollipop update address and corrected the duplicate text issue.

The Nexus 6 has provided me with spectacular sound via the 2 front facing stereo speakers. As I built two new raised garden beds in my garage I used these bad boys to listen to music as I worked. In the past I would hook a device up to my speaker system in order to get the sound quality and volume needed to hear over my breathing, let alone the noise drills, banging wood and other various things that occur happen.

The battery life has been unmatched. PERIOD. Many people gauge battery life on how long can the device last me through the day...well that's one way. The Nexus 6 got me through the day, everyday. I, however, like to focus more on "How long can the device last with actual usage." I measure this by the amount of Screen On Time I can achieve between charges. The Nexus 6 is in a league of it's own. I refuse to sacrifice power/features over battery life. If I have to charge a phone 100 times a day, I will. So i keep my screen brightness set at full with it changing based on the surroundings. I achieved no less than 5.5 hours of screen on time throughout my time. I reached the 8+ hour mark several times. Previous devices ranged in the 4-5 hour range at best. Plus with the Turbo Charge feature you can add 6 hours of usage in 30 minutes!

The Nexus 6 is the most complete phone currently available. It relies on no gimmicks. If you ask me the best way to take advantage of Sprint's Best Value in Wireless plans, is paired with the Nexus 6 from Motorola and Google.

This device has become the standard for how I will judge all device, especially Phablets, going forward.

Thanks Google!!!


Disclaimer: The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. #sprintemployee.