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4.0 ICS. Do we get it and when?

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4.0 ICS. Do we get it and when?

I have a Samsung Nexus 4G Google.  I would like to know if there will be an upgraded version.

I know that the ICS is going to be 4.0,  but the phones we have now are Android Version 2.37.

Is there something in between, or do we wait and see if ICS is going to be an option on our phones.

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Re: 4.0 ICS. Do we get it and when?

At this time we do not have a date of when to expect it, but I believe Google has confirmed that they intend to update the Nexus S 4G to ICS.

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Re: 4.0 ICS. Do we get it and when?

From SlashGear:

Google briefly began rolling out the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Nexus S back in December, but it was quickly pulled after user complaints of poor battery life. Some users managed to see the tasty update, and custom ROMs have been plentiful on xda-developers, but those simply looking for the stock experience have been left waiting for several months. That wait will soon be over.

Engadget has confirmed with sources familiar with the matter that Google is expected to begin rolling out the Ice Cream Sandwich once again for the Nexus S and Nexus S 4G. Time wise you’re looking at “the next few weeks” – possibly pushing the much awaited update into April. That’s better than no update at all, though.

So what exactly was the problem with the original update that was pushed out back in December? Users on xda-developers noted that the Android OS was consuming a larger amount of battery life than normal when the Nexus S was running Ice Cream Sandwich. That led to poor battery life throughout the day, causing Google to pull the update while they could fix things.

When Ice Cream Sandwich does start rolling out to Nexus S’ again, users can look forward to a wide variety of changes, such as improved notifications, the new Roboto font, modified UI, as well as a refined Gmail experience.


Re: 4.0 ICS. Do we get it and when?

It's here as noted in the attached link or it will be pushed out very soon as noted in the attached link.  Either way, I am glad to hear the news and the patience will be worth it.


Re: 4.0 ICS. Do we get it and when?

The official release of the software is noted here:

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