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4/5 - Nexus S Software Update - IMM76D (Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich)


4/5 - Nexus S Software Update - IMM76D (Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich)

Nexus S Software Update - IMM76D  (Android 4.0 -  Ice Cream Sandwich)


- Upgrades device operating system to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).   

  - Customizable favorites tray visible on all 5 home screens just above the hard keys

  - Contacts application replaced with a People application that provides improved integration with Gmail, Email, Google+ and other apps

  - Multitasking allows users easy access to switch between recently used applications by tapping and holding the Home key

  - Create folders on the home screen by dragging and dropping one app onto another to create a folder

  - New lock screen actions allow users to jump into the camera or pull down  notifications to check messages, without unlocking the device

  - Swiping from left to right can dismiss individual notifications, close  apps from the recent apps list, and close browser tabs

  - Data usage provide controls for monitoring and managing network data usage

  - Camera enhancements include capturing panoramic photos, continuous focus, zero shutter lag exposure, stabilized image zoom and decreased shot-to-shot speed

  - Android Beam allows two NFC-enabled devices to exchange favorite apps, contacts, music, videos and more

Important Notes:

- Software version is: IMM76D

- Please DO NOT remove the battery during the update

- Updates are available OTA (over the air) only and are 'pushed' to devices in stages over a 10-21 day period. Device selection is random

- Refer to the Samsung Nexus S Software Update blog for install instructions

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Most of what u are describing are not due to ICS.

1. Sounds like u got fixed.

2. Is a Google voice setting which u can access by going to and u can still listen to your voice mails by bringing up the Google voice app on ur phone

3. Is another google voice setting which can be adjusted at

4. You can change the font size in settings > accessibility > large text check box

The real issue I see here is that for some reason your sprint number was set up to be a google voice number, or if it already was some default settings were some how reset.

Sprint Employee

I have not, Most people that I've been discussing the update with say they notice no difference in signal, and a few say it's improved, since you are saying it's not as good as it was I will offer this back to the software developers to see if something can be done about this.

No longer working Community Response.

your problem is that once you installed ICS you opened the google voice app and when it asked if you wanted to integrate your sprint number and google voice number, you said YES instead of hitting 'skip'. i did this in the past also. the way to fix this is by logging into your google voice account at, go into settings and make it so that your sprint number and google number are not merged. this should take care of everything you listed like having to press 1 to accept calls, having the voicemail transcribed.

the text is definitely much smaller and harder to read on ICS but you can change it to large text as menacekop mentioned in the post above mine. the reason the sprint employees couldn't fix your problem is because even if you hard reset your phone your google number and sprint number are still merged and can only be merged if you log into your google voice account and separate them. my suggestion is that after you do this, simply uninstall google voice from your phones and you should be fine.


Thank you!!!  I followed yr suggestions and have resolved the issues with both phones.  I can't believe what an easy fix it was (it took only a few minutes) when after 5 hours at Sprint I was told nothing could be done to fix them.   


Thank you fahadh.  Google voice is gone and the problem is fixed on both phones. 


Appreciate it.  I'd be happy to help with some analysis if there are some tools that could be used.

Let me know how I can help.


Sprint Employee

I sure will if they ask for more information, thank you. Chris.

No longer working Community Response.

@RC1024, if you're looking for feedback from people who are having trouble with the ICS upgrade, please let me give you a few things to take back to the developers.  Some may have already been mentioned, but since I keep seeing responses about how "no one has complained," I want to make sure that SOMEONE has complained. 

- Since the upgrade, my phone suddenly drains the battery in a matter of a few hours, where I used to have nearly a full battery at the end of each day.  Before anyone jumps in - no, I don't have any wallpapers or other animated apps that need to be shut off, and yes - I always turn the screen off manually instead of waiting for it to go to sleep.  It's not roaming and I don't have the 4G turned on.  I haven't changed settings or added applications and the very few things that run on my phone are used so infrequently they shouldn't be draining the power like this, especially when it never happened before.  I simply want a phone I can use to make or accept a call and check my email once in awhile.  Guess that's now too much to ask.

- My signal is worse - much worse.  I now have have to walk around in circles in my building hoping for a teeny, tiny bit of a signal or just get in my car and drive away from the office to get a signal.  I am in a major metro area and work in a place where I was somehow able to get a signal BEFORE the update but not now.

- The instructions in the help file on my phone are apparently for another model of phone.  I read and re-read several sections of the instructions trying to find out how to fix the obnoxious changes in settings, only to find that nothing I was told to do worked.  Menu options did not exist where the instructions said they would be.  Nice touch.

- In some functions, there is no way to use Caps Lock.  Kind of a minor thing when my phone battery can't last until lunch or get a signal anyway, but I thought I'd mention it.



My only real issue is that it takes forever to make a phone call.  So, if I selected a person from my contacts or favorites, it takes at least 10 seconds to get it to dial.  Often, not thinking that the phone has dialed, I push the name again.  Only then, I find that the calls have "merged" as if I was doing a 3 way call.

Otherwise, no meaningful issues.  It does seem like it takes longer to charge, but usage is about the same.


ICS is TERRIBLE for my Google S. I have already commented at electronic review sights.  My thoughts are simple. Whomever came up the OS should get fired.  My $500 phone is trashed! 


2. Signals levels seem less than normal, including WiFi in my house!

3. Can't tell if my I am in Bluetooth mode at a glance, while driving on the phone!

4. When initiating Phone mode the Phone pad always pops up.  Why not the last phone function I used!?! ( LIKE IT WAS)

5. What happened to my Google Voice shortcut?

6. What's with hard Google search field?  I already move the original to an adjacent page.  Didn't want it on my home window.

7. Everytime I turn on my phone, the battery is at 95%. 

I called SPRINT, they said they be able to revert the phone back to the earlier OS.

The ICE lay out doesn't impress me either.

It's a phone first, otherwise I don't need it.


my nexus s 4g hasnt ran rigth since the update



  1. Yes, agreed, power consumption is heavier. I believe this is due to the hardward acceleration. I have chosen to accept the performance boost instead of the battery life, and just minimize my battery use by turning off wasteful resources, like live wallpapers.
  2. The radio was updated, but most people have reported a better signal, not worse. I myself actually have cell service in areas where I previously didn't.
  3. You should have a bluetooth indicator in the notification area at the top of your screen, which will identify if bluetooth is on, and bluetooth is connected. This has not changed since Gingerbread. Are you expecting a different indicator?
  4. My phone actually defaults to the last mode used. I'm wondering if you have some sort of caching issue. Have you restarted your phone recently? If so, perhaps a reset is necessary.
  5. Google Voice is actually a different version than what may have been on your Gingerbread installation. You might simply have to create a new shortcut to the new app. You can replace your messaging icon in the launcher if you wish.
  6. Google added the hard search to all screens. This is a feature of Ice Cream Sandwich. It cannot be removed.
  7. A phone will never truly charge the battery to 100%. This is to prevent overloading the battery. Charging to 95-97% is actually normal. If you time as it reaches 95%, you will see it will charge a bit higher, then drop back down to 95% again discharging a portion of the battery. This is for safety of the battery life.

I hope this information helps.

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