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Contacts not coming up in contacts list


Contacts not coming up in contacts list

So I just switched from and HTC Evo to the Nexus S. I really like the Nexus but am having a problem with my contacts. All my contacts are synced to my google account. I synced those onto the phone. It seemed like the contacts are synced because when I go to type a new text my contact names come up as I type the letter. But when I go to make a phone call or check in my contacts nothing comes up. I don't really get why it's like this. Hope I made it clear. Let me know if you need any further details. Any ideas? Please explain.

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Contacts not coming up in contacts list


You probably have already done this, but make sure that at the top of the screen within "Contacts" that you have "Contacts" selected. On my device when placing a call, I am given the option to either select "Contacts" and select a contact from the list, or dial a number on the dial pad when I select "Phone" from within contacts at the top of the screen. When I begin to dial the number of a contact I already have loaded, their name does not appear. I believe this is the way the Nexus S is designed to work and not necessarily a software flaw. I hope that I understood the issue clearly. If it seems like I'm misunderstanding the issue that you're having, please let me know!

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Contacts not coming up in contacts list


Try this, go into Contacts, press the menu key, and select Display Options. Make sure that your google account is checked to display those contacts.

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