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Downgrade from the new 4.0.4 upgrade

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Downgrade from the new 4.0.4 upgrade

I absolutely HAVE TO downgrade this horrible new upograde to 4.0.4 android.  It not only has a totally horrid interface in so many areas, but it all but killed my phone.  Please send me instructions on how to downgrade to the vastly superior older version.


It sounds like you still have the stock mail program setup to check your mail. You need to remove all the accounts from the stock client. I don't have this problem.

I use K9 to check my POP3 accounts and the stock client to check my work exchange but only when I need it. You just need to take the time and go through all the settings.

As for 2 & 3, sorry but I can't help you here. I'm perfectly happy with the way ICS is running on my phone and I welcome the changes.


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Steven, it looks like it is all sqquared away with the K9 now.  I took the standrda mail app off of my screen and after the next mail fetch all is well.  Much kudos to you for the very helpful replies.  Those dramatically make the phone a lot better.  That keyboard alone was a HUGE help.  The mail is so much more user frinedly that I can't begin to describe how helpful that is.  As I mentioned in my IM to you, if you are ever in my area letr me know.  I woe you...



You note that you are a Sprint Repair tech, but do not have the Branded icon to certify you are such. This is a bannable offense as per the Community Guidelines. We take claiming to be working for Sprint as a serious offense.

Please private message me to being the verification process, or cease to claim this.

In addition, your attitude towards others in this thread borderlines on trolling and is disrespecting others, which are also bannable offenses and not acceptable behavior by employees, if you are one.

I will be moderating all your posts, waiting for your private message and watching your further activity.



Steven I am having a minor yset frustrating issue with K9.  The situation is the that mail count is getting off. 


In the list of accounts it now says "2" for a given email acocunt (this one is a yahoo email account).

Tap the account, the inbox opens, yet there are no emails (read or unread).

Go to the folder list and its list "2" for the inbox.

To clear this I have to go to the option to mark all mail as read.

Any clue as to what might be causing this?


I've seen this behavior with yahoo mail from web browsers, IM, and even the yahoo android mail app. Its a yahoo thing apparently. I don't use anything but the browser to check yahoo mail and that's rare. You can always go to the developers blog and report the problem. Head over to and search for the K-9 app. You should be able to find the links to their blog there.

Good luck.

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