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Google Voice App - phone could not be verified


Google Voice App - phone could not be verified

In google voice app - settings --> This phone's number

1. The screen that appears says 'This phone is not listed above' under Add this phone yet the phone is listed above.  The number that is 'listed above' is the phones number and is the one linked to my gmail account before I got started using this app

2. Pressing Add this phone results in an error 'Your phone number could not be verified. Please try again.'

These messages seem odd. Has anyone seen this and is there some resolution?

Also, in the app iteself, I only get an option to compose txt messages. Is this normal? Is there no way to dial a number from here? Or is it the case that just using the default phone option on the voice will automatically route my calls via google voice?

I have searched online and through help files but haven't found much that gives clear guidance on these points.

Thx for any help


Google Voice App - phone could not be verified

any help with this?  Maybe from someone at sprint?

It is still not clear to me if my phone is fully hooked to Google Voice. It doesn't appear to be....

the errors I mention still occur.


Google Voice App - phone could not be verified

Another agitated/confused owner of a new Nexus S here ... getting this to work with GoogleVoice has been a total failure for me.  Two calls into the help center, recurring appearance of the Sprint voicemail icon, when I disable googlevoice online, then the call settings show either option for carrier or googlevoice as voicemail provider ... which I don't understand.  Any help here, Sprint??

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