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Group Text Messaging on Nexus S


Group Text Messaging on Nexus S

Hey all, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing my issue. If I send a text message to more than one recipient, the first contact does not get the message. It's always the first one. It will have a red exclamation saying "message not recieved" but everyone else is fine. Not sure what the deal is and I can't find anything online. Will try rebooting again and see what happens. Anybody else?

p.s. Yes, google voice integrated with Sprint is not a win. Go to google voice on your computer and in settings disable Sprint integration. Now everything will work as it once did. No problems. I don't see a need for integration with Sprint. Google Voice works fine just the way it is.


Group Text Messaging on Nexus S

I routinely send group messages to my wife and three daughters with no problem. I currently do not use GV.

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