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Home Key and Back Key Dims Out Blanks Out Temorarily


Home Key and Back Key Dims Out Blanks Out Temorarily


I bought my Nexus S 4G back in July I think.  It has been an amazing step into smartphones for me, but the only thing that I don't understand is why the home button and the back button blank out temporarily and I can't get out of it.  Here's an example: I am in an app and I press the home key.  It dims out and the recent apps screen comes up, blanking the rest of the screen.  It sits this way for about 20 seconds and I cannot hit the back button to get out.   Then it is back again to normal.  The back button blanks out sometimes as well in a similar fashion.  It's like the phone is frozen.  Why is this?  My updates have been done.  I've power cycled, but this is a continuing issue.

Let me know what I can do.  Should I take the phone back?




Hi Nexuskirk,

I did research some information on the issue with the backlight dimming and it seems like this issue is under investigation and hopefully can be resolved in a future maintenance fix.



I have the same problem with the soft button to the far left (back) dimming out for a period of time and the phone appears to be hung. My first Nexus did not do this The one I have now (I ran over my other one) is running 2.3.7 but also did this with 2.3.5. Bit annoying really.

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