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Mediaserver - Battery Life

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Mediaserver - Battery Life

Hi all -

Wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issue?  After I restart my Nexus S my battery life for the day is great, I have no issues.  However, after about the 2nd or 3rd day (without rebooting the phone) my battery life decreses immensely and when I check the Battery Usage, MEDIASERVER is eating up about 25% of my battery.  Not sure why it takes a few days for MEDIASEVER to 'ramp' up but once it does battery life becomes abysmal.  Also not sure if there are any rogue apps, but really the only apps I have that are media related are Amazon MP3, Soundhound and Pandora.  Has anyone experienced anything similar?  Love the phone but hate to have to reboot it everyday just to keep battery life optimal.

Thanks in advance.


Mediaserver - Battery Life

I did a quick Google search for "android mediaserver using battery " and found out quickly this isn't just a Nexus related item.  I know it is annoying but compared to most of the issues out there at least this one is fairly easy to manage.  You may want to look on or forums (Not affiliated with Sprint) to see if you get more comments or info about this.


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