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Nexus One


Re: Nexus One

One rebuttle about the is a wait...a FANTASTIC phone to own, my brother loves it, and that says something for someone who to this date has Hated every Sprint phone he has purchased.

Flash...being able to play Flash Based Games on the internet....Do you realize just how many websites have games to play?  The App store for the Pre, though a slow mover, is nothing compared to what's heading to Pre owners soon and what will be readily available here soon.  And forget about games, Flash Opens up the Internet like it should be...No Sprint phone will have this capability, at best, flash lite...which ain't no flash....The Pre will have Flash...

One thing I've noticed is the improved quality of apps or games have on a phone that already has the internal space ready....(not an sd card)

How much Internal Space does Nexus One have?

That said

Nexus One....I hoped Sprint would get this phone, but as usual they ( Sprint ) waited til many of us already upgraded before announcing partnership.

Speech to text?  Streetview Navigation? Oh don't get me wrong, this phone is going to be a hit for any cell phone lover wanting real cutting edge features.

Nexus One will definitely deliver....don't take my word on is filled with many videos on how iphone 3gs pales in comparison to the Nexus One....except that one crucial much Internal Space will the Nexus One Have?  Not external expandable space, but already available IN the phone itself? This is one place many phones fail when comparing themselves to the iphone place the Pre does not fail...

Sprint's phone line up is looking Awesome.  To all you haters always hating on what Sprint doesn't have....they do have the best plans, and by years end, the phone selection will be something to brag about....and 4g phone's coming too...Mannnnnnn!!!!!!!!....

Sprint's stock is sure to rise....just watch....

Edited:  Best info I could find stated the Internal Phone Storage ( user capable ) is 196mb ( without the SD card ) and by now everyone with sd cards knows that games go in the phone...not the sd...( trust issues )

"Need For Speed" for the Pre is over 120mb by itself, while my phone  ( which has 100mb usable internal storage ) has the same game, but it's only 1 mb.....that's the quality difference I was referring to, and there is a Big difference

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Re: Nexus One

Speaking as a recent convert to the Android army, I am very thrilled that the Nexus One is finally making it's way to Sprint. Finally, the lineup is starting to look very well. Hero, Moment, Nexus One, & (I Think) Supersonic. Honestly, who needs an iPhone compared to this impressive array of phones? The Hero has the great Sense UI. The Moment is Vanilla Cupcake (Android 1.5) with an agressive processor, a physical keyboard (A must in my opinion as I still don't like virtual keyboards yet.), and a Gorgeous AMOLED screen. Then you've got the holy grail of Android with Nexus One. The Supersonic merely adds the power of 4G, which should improve voice & data quality compared to 3G. No matter how you look at it, Android does what iPhone simply won't do.

While I love the Nexus One, I can say that you couldn't pry my Samsung Moment from my hands. I absolutely love the physical keyboard that let me text & type with comfort. I just don't like those touch keyboards for the life of me. I guess I'm very typically American because I love the tactile response of a physical device. To me, the Moment is the most ideal handset for my individual needs. I know some people are having issues, but so far it's been smooth sailing. I'm grateful for this Android revolution. Why? Because Apple has become Big Brother. Tragic, but true.

Now Sprint needs is a good Android 2.1 rollout, a revamp of the customer service, & perfect the 4G service. Should Sprint get the iPhone, I just think it helps bring customers away from AT&T. Even if it gets people on the network, that's better than paying those greed AT&T execs for substandard service & highway robbery.

One final thought, I hope all Android users back HTC in their fight against Apple's lawsuit. The lesson is clear. Innovate. Don't Littigate.


Re: Nexus One

Hazzzah to that! Android has truly come full circle in the past few months especially being available on all 4 major carriers. The open format is like noo other. HTC Supersonic is going to be one heck of a beast though. Can't wait to actaually get one with its 4G goodness

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