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Nexus S 4G - ICS Update + Reception Complaint.


Nexus S 4G - ICS Update + Reception Complaint.

Greetings to both Sprint members and forum members alike.


Prior to my purchase of my Nexus S 4G I had the Samsung Exclaim (M550), both of which were purchased at a "Wireless Toyz" location near me in Ann Arbor, MI. Fully understanding that the Nexus S 4G did not have actual 4G in the Ann Arbor area as of yet, even though I personally question why as it is a MAJOR demographic area for Sprint, but would in the future. I upgraded my phone, agreed to a 2-year extension of contract, and, in addition, and in addition agreed to an increase nearly double in price. (One major item, listed below, also influenced my decision.) The problem? I have NEVER owned a worse phone in the regard to reception and dropped calls. As it is my understanding the phone has, essentially, three modes - "1x" CDMA, 3G, and 4G. We have already touched on the 4G "problem" and I have such disabled it on the phone. 3G also NEVER works as a mode. I am, at most, ever w/ three bars in "1x" mode. Comparing the two that I have had w/ Sprint my Samsung Exclaim (M550) never dropped a call and was never less then 3 bars total - the clarity was as clear as crystal.

Now, before we begin I've done updates, I've done PRL updates, and I've checked the basic settings of my phone. I've gone to several actual Sprint stores, three in total, and have directly been told "suck it up" at all three. As a past Verizon cellular technician I fully understand that each phone is unique and NO phone is identical when it comes to hardware, even under the same model title. I've called Sprint Customer Service on three different occasions only to be kept on hold for 35+ minutes. (My record was 47 minutes.)

At this point the phone is nothing more than a glorified unit for texting and is unusable. I may be a small rung on the totem pole as I only have one line, but w/ the uncaring thoughts of store employees at actual Sprint stores and the item listed below, why should I bring on another line or recommend people to Sprint?

The ICS Update:

Prior to upgrading my phone I went to not only to my local Wireless Toyz, but to four different Sprint stores to ask one single, simple, straightforward question regarding the Nexus S 4G prior to my purchase. "The new version of the Android OS, ICS, is being finalized. Beside a new model that would surely be released by then, will the Nexus S 4G receive that update first as it is a Google branded phone?" In a glorified unison I was guaranteed that indeed the Nexus S 4G would be provided that update upon release as both Sprint and Google have stated that, at the time, the model was their front-runner flagship phone.

Before I start this next bit I will state clearly that I have NOT rooted my phone as others have. I am still waiting for the promised release of the Sprint/Google ICS update.

W/ that said, am I supposed to root my phone so that I can actually use ICS? I should not have to, in the least. Now... Some will say that Sprint and Google have not released the update due to reported WiFi and Battery issues. That has been the ongoing statement since the public coding release of ICS by Google. So, they pulled the update. A massive amount of others have gotten the update, Nexus Galaxy aside mind you, but NOT the Nexus S 4G. Now... I know some may say that they are working out the kinks, but rooters have published a STABLE, fully working root for approx. a month! Does Sprint need to hire these "rooters" to do their jobs for them? Is it really that hard? Other people have created a stable OS for the Nexus S 4G and you're still "working on it".

In conclusion, I am, loosely mind you, hoping that the stable Sprint release of ICS may "fix" my reception issues. The phone is still under warranty, so my next step is to have it replaced under said warranty.

Thank you,

-Jason R. Bush

P.s. Taking a glance of my phone's reception through the "About This Phone" area of the OS my reception is rated at -96dcb.


You have the same complaint as me buddy. They keep saying its coming but I don't see it.


Honestly, if you're within your return period, take the phone back. 

I have the same issues(s).  Compared to my HTC hero, reception sucks.  Calls are dropped, texts missed etc.  Then there is the issue of ICS.  The GSM Nexus S update began rolling out around Dec. 16th.  It was pulled and STILL hasn't started again.  The GSM ICS hasn't started, there aren't even rumors about it, and google has said nothing.  It could be months before it gets released...nobody has any idea.


I am from the Detroit area. Those are the same problems I am having for 9 months now and Sprint keeps making it seem like I am a lier. They say no one else has these problems. In the past 4 days I spent 6 hours on the phone with them and I am getting ready to call them again. Everyone with Nexus problems needs to start calling them on a daily bases. All I want is a replacement phone that is comparable to what the Nexus should have been.



I agree with the others, don't know if you've seen any of my posts, Sprint takes them down so people won't see the real reviews, but this phone is the worst !!!!!

Samsung acknowledges the antenna issue and will repair or replace your phone, but you have to send it to them for two to four weeks and sprint won't issue a loner.

If we actually ever do get an ICS update, I hope it fixes the problem, but I'm not optimistic, we'll have 4G LTE rolling out here next month, maybe SPRINT WILL MAN UP and gives us some kind of incentive on new phones, they should because none of us pay $100 a month per line to SAMSUNG, ANDROID OR GOOGLE !!!! WE ARE SPRINT CUSTOMERS AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH !!!!


I will be recieving my 4th Nexus S next week because that cen't seem to get me one that won't freeze, lock-up, turn itself on and off, or not drop calls, or fail the signal test they do to it! Best part is they keep telling me it's my fault, that I must be doing something to it and then they deny that there is a signal prolem and accuse me of just trying to upgrade my phone... I truly hate this phone. Good luck!

Picked the 4th one up at 1230 today, made 2 calls and back to dropped calls/no reception! Called Sprint, they tell me to take it to the repair center, repair center says, "Yep, it's defective."

Called Sprint back - Call got 'lost' 4 times - Was offered either a Samsung Conquer or I could do the buy back and maybe get $70 - said no to both - told them I wasn't downgrading my phone and was transferred to Samsung so the refurbed phone could be repaired.

We are done with Sprint and this poor excuse for customer service!

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I have all of the same problems as all of the posters here as well. The funny thing is if you check out Google's forum http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Google+Mobile/label?lid=60805107bccffcbf&hl=en you will see a meriad of problems listed for th e Nexus S and 4G along with complaints for the Galaxy Nexus as well. My only conclusion is that Samsung is making very shoddy phones. As long as they make a Nexus I will not be buyong a Nexus phone. Having the NS4G has shown me that all Samsung makes is crap.


I have two Nexus S 4G, and have not experienced any real issue. One is still stock Gingerbread and the other I installed the ICS 4.0.4 leak and both are working fine. The only issues I have is the different user experience between Gingerbread and ICS.


I've had the nexus S 4G since June '11 and at that time was told a software update would fix connectivity issues.  It didn't however it did enable google Wallet and eliminate the 1x icon.  I don't believe it's a software issue but rather a underpowered radio hardware issue.  Try a search on this site for "nexus s 4g connectivity issues" if you haven't already.  You may also want to email Dan@sprint.com to see about a swap for a phone that works.  I emailed last week and was contacted the next day!


I understand exactly what you are saying because I have had the same issues. I signes a contract with Sprint on April 1st and got my phone on April 4th. The issues with signal have been present every single day. The phone always drops to one or no bars everywhere in the city, even right near a tower. Text messages have to be resent like 5 or 6 times before they go through...the 3G internet is slower than dial up at all times and many people's calls to me go straight to voicemail. I took it to the repair center today and they said the antenna was defective...but the phone is back ordered and said they would let me know when they could get it in. So...I must continue to pay for a service I can not fully use. I asked if they could just give me a comparable device and the Sprint Rep at the corporate store said Sprint does not have ANY comparable devices that can be given in place of a Nexus S 4G. My only option was to continue to TRY and use the defective phone until they are able to order me a replacement. My phone is still covered under warranty and I have TEP as well. All I really want is an Android phone that has Google Wallet as I'm a regular user of it since I got this phone and have more than a $100 stored on my Google Wallet Prepaid Card at all times. Funny thing is, my brother has the iPhone 4S with sprint and has full bars everywhere he goes with no problems at all and his internet is way faster on his iPhone.


I've been feeling like this the past several months as well.  I love this phone, but the antenna is inside of it is absolutely awful.  Sprint knows it's an issue too.  You'd think that they would let us upgrade a few months earlier than normal.  I can't even stay connected to 4G, let alone 3G.  1/2 the time I'm in 1/X or have to restart the phone just to get a signal.  And unfortunately the antenna issues causes the battery to drain even more.  Just one more year to go...


I have 9 mons left and I can't wait to drop the NS4G like a bad habit!!  I would drop sprint too but my wife has even more contract time left on her phone.  I live in New Hampshire and we don't get 4G (Wimax) at all anywhere in the state!  The 3G is spotty and weak no matter where I go.  Thank god for Wifi!  It'll probably be the year 2020 by the time Sprint shows my area some 4G goodness!

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