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Nexus S 4G battery issue solution?


Nexus S 4G battery issue solution?

Hey guys,

I've had the Nexus S 4G since about the middle of July, and I adore this phone. It is everything I could possibly want from an Android device. Well, I guess except for one thing. That darn battery. The battery life has been atrocious. I go dead after about 8 hours of being unplugged from the charger, regardless of my amount of usage. I know, a lot of people will say "Turn off GPS, turn down brightness," etc... but I'm not a novice user. I've tweaked the settings to be optimal for less battery consumption, but no luck. "Training" the battery by fully discharging and recharging it has not worked either.

I've noticed a lot of users making noise about poor battery life on the Nexus, and so far, I've seen no response from Google or Sprint. It is severely disappointing. I've resorted to buying a second battery and just carrying that around with me everywhere. I have to charge two batteries every night just so I can ensure that my phone won't die on me when I need it. To put it simply, this is a poor experience.

Have any other users figured out a solution to the massive battery drain issues? I've searched everywhere and haven't seen a real concrete answer to this question. If anyone knows anything, I would love some help. I want this device to be the perfect one for me for the next year or so that I'll have it. Unforunately, with the way the battery life is right now, I may end up trading this to someone for an EVO 4G or possibly a newer high-end Sprint device.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Nexus S 4G battery issue solution?

I'm getting close to 18 hours out of my phone. Did all the usual stuff but mostly made sure nothing I needed syncing in the background is running. I do have Adv Task Killer running and that seemed to help, though there are those who dispute the use of a task killer. Only thing that syncs on an hourly bases is email, both K9 and Gmail. I don't keep any IM services running. If something needs me they can use the old fashion method and call. Or they can text. I also have Lookout running.

Good luck


Nexus S 4G battery issue solution?

I think you should go into the Sprint Repair Center locally and see if they will replace the battery.  I do not have to worry about battery life at all with mine.  I have multiple widgets, dynamic background, e-mail and g-mail synced every 15 minutes, I use it for Google searches and You Tube, Music, Blogging, surfing, and games.   Sounds like a defective battery.

You probably know this, but make sure you are closing apps, not just backing out of them.  If you use the home icon, they are still running in the background.  To close them use the return arrow. 

I use Watchdog instead of ATK.  It notifies me when apps are running inappropriately, as opposed to doing necessary processing. 

When I bought the Nexus S, I recall at least 4 people coming in with EVOs and battery issues.  When I asked about it, the rep said it was a common complaint, and if I went with the EVO she recommended buying the extended battery. 

The only time I've noticed a serious battery drain was watching Netflix, or HBO Go.  I figured if I have to pay an extra $10/Month I'm going to suck all the bandwidth I possibly can. 



Re: Nexus S 4G battery issue solution?

      It sounds like you've done your research and know most of the various practices that will help battery life. The habits that will have the greatest impact are some that you mentioned; decreasing the brightness, turning off radios you aren't using, wifi, bluetooth and 4G (especially 4G when you're not using data services or when it's not available), locking the screen when not in use, avoiding the use of live wallpaper or other graphics intensive apps. Of the radios, GPS should have the least effect or no effect at all unless you have a GPS app open or one that constantly queries your current location.

     Another major contender in battery use is 3G data. If you're in a position that permits you to disable your data connection entirely during certain times of day, it will have the largest impact of anything mentioned here. The biggest disadvantage of this would probably the non-receipt of emails until data is restored and, of course, the hassle of manually enabling/disabling the connection so frequently.

     There are some misconceptions and myths associated with battery life. Here are a couple major ones:
Myth #1: "Calibrating" a battery through a process of charging and draining it will improve its performance and overall life span.

     This is not true of the batteries that are produced for cell phones today. This is an idea that was true with the former battery technology

Myth #2: Killing running tasks prevents them from draining the battery.

     This would be true if it weren't for that fact that most apps that persistently run in the background also re-open themselves. The use of task killers can often times have the absolute opposite effect, causing a power-draining perpetual tug-of-war between the task killer actively using charge to kill the tasks and the apps themselves draining even more battery to re-launch only to begin the cycle again. I personally ran tests on the Samsung Epic and the EVO 4G that confirm this. I used the auto-kill feature in Advanced Task Killer to run my tests.

I hope this helps!

Re: Nexus S 4G battery issue solution?

Check this out

Mugen Power 3900mAh Extended Battery for Sprint Samsung Nexus S 4G



Re: Nexus S 4G battery issue solution?

Has anyone tested the extended battery that VorlessDarkChaos linked? I'm sure everyone would like to hear how much it improves the battery life over the standard battery.

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