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Nexus S 4G misses some text messages


Nexus S 4G misses some text messages

I noticed that ever since the Android 4.0 update my SMS conversations would abbruptly end. At first I simply thought people don't like talking to me. But I realised I am an amazing person and that couldn't have been the case. All joking aside, I shrugged off that problem. On an entirely unrelated note: I connected Google Voice to my Sprint phone and use my Sprint number still, which I enjoy for voicemails, but Google Voice allows me to answer texts as well.

I eventually noticed that Google Voice was picking up messages from people that my phone itself was not! I even waited 10, 15 minutes for my phone to get the texts that Google Voice received, with no luck. This happens daily to me and I have to check Google Voice very often to make sure I haven't missed any text messages. I don't think my phone missed messages on Android 2.3, but I only noticed that I was when I connected my account to Google Voice.

So Sprint, now that the Android 4.1 update has been announced for the Nexus S, now would be a great time to fix the mobile radios to fix this problem. Is anyone else having this issue? Can a Sprint representative forward this to the tech guys? Thank you (:


Re: Nexus S 4G misses some text messages

Same issue. I would use Voice as my main messaging app as well, but it doesn't pull in Multi Media.

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