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Nexus S™ Software Update - JRO03R (Jelly Bean)


Nexus S™ Software Update - JRO03R (Jelly Bean)

Nexus S Software Update - JRO03R


Operating system upgrade Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.  Below is a list of a few changes:

- Notification Bar: Expanded view of emails

- Meeting Makers: more information to notification bar.  Provides the ability to snooze and dismiss meetings from the notification bar.

- Addition of Google Now (online search):

o Voice search

o Integrated approach to search features within Google services

Important Notes:

- Software version is: JRO03R

- Please DO NOT remove the battery during the update

- Updates are available OTA (over the air) only and are 'pushed' to devices in stages over a 10-21 day period. Device selection is random

- Refer to the Samsung Nexus S Software Update blog for install instructions


Re: Nexus S™ Software Update - JRO03R (Jelly Bean)

So -- for those who have received the OTA, any feedback? Radio appear to be any better, etc.


Re: Nexus S™ Software Update - JRO03R (Jelly Bean)

I received OTA update on 9/10/12 around 9pm EDT.

Things I like with Jelly Bean update:

1) Advanced Wi-Fi (Settings > Wi-Fi > menu > Advanced) Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep on/off and Avoid poor connections. I cannot recall if these options were available on previous version but this extends my battery by about 2 hours.

2) MMS improvement. The previous version always shows "converting to multimedia messaging..." and I had to wait until it was finished converting to enter "To" information. If I was in a hurry the recipient's name will be entered and refreshed...causing typo or misspell due to lag. The newer MMS is quick and accepts my input immediately. But I still don't understand why it only sends pictures in landscape mode? All my portrait orientation turns landscape. Maybe the recipient receives it properly...? And AT&T phones still receives as "you have a picture waiting to be here to see the picture" and opens the browser to Sprint MMS Picture page.

3) Fixed annoying input box border from previous version when entering web text box. On Google's search page every time I clicked to enter search it used to have light blue border to show where it was typing. This version it's gone.

4) Google Drive update for Jelly Bean is actually functioning for me, especially the Off Line feature. Before it would not even open for those I marked for Off Line because "it could not open due to network connection." That was the whole reason I marked specific files to be available for off line but the app was still looking for a network connection. The annyoing "you cannot edit this file" for off line is also gone (while I think it was improved before Jelly Bean update).

5) Cell broadcast settings (Settings > More > Cell broadcasts). I like the option to select which broadcasts to receive. This should fix those garbled texts we have been receiving. I especially appreciate the AMBER alerts feature. Thank goodness all that tax we paid for e911 enhancements are finally working!

Things I don't like with Jelly Bean update:

1) I personally can care less about animation on UI screen. I rather have solid, good working phone rather than some flashy animation. I think the update actually makes my phone look slower due to clunky, choppy animation. It's like a computer that just received newer service pack and requiring more RAM due to extra patches. When I click on a browser to launch, it draws (or starts) from the app icon location (instead of changing the screen to the browser). Sometimes this animation is choppy and it's starting to annoy me. I turned off UI animation.

2) Signal reception did not improve. Actually, it got worse I think. My signal strength was around -96dBm before the update. Currently I am showing -106dBm at the same location when I recorded -96dBm. I gave up on Sprint's service quality long time ago so I won't rant about how I am switching to another company after my contract is up. And yes, I have been to Sprint Corporate stores to rectify this and I have spent too many hours on the phone with service reps to get my phone in order. The simple truth is Sprint signal is next to none despite what the coverage map says. And Sprint has refused to acknowledge this in my area. It's always, "oh we have a network issue and we are working on it." For 3 years?

3) My browser and GPS navigation crashed almost every time when I do this: I launch my native browser. My default is Google's page. While the page is loading (as indicated by blue status light going across) I type the search term and hit "Go" or click on the find button...and the browser closes and I am back at the home screen. Almost all the time. In my Google navigation app, while it's looking for GPS signal, I swipe left or right the app closes and I am back at the home screen. It almost feels like it cannot do multi-task until app is ready to go.

4) Google voice app shortcut was not working and just needed to bring the shortcut again. When I launched Google Voice I had to re-initialize the app with my accounts. So if this was for beginners it would have been really frustrating--as I was annoyed how I set the darn thing in the first place. I did not want GV to be the default voice mail and glad that the app gave somewhat of good wizard guidance.

5) There were few other apps like Google Play Magazines, Sound Search for Google and Currents that I personally do not care for. Disabling those was not that bad. And I also wish they improved on power control widget to include 4G trigger, instead of having it as a separate widget.

Since I kept the same background from Ginger Bread version, I can't really comment on how "butter fluid" it is. As you can tell by now, I can care less about how UI is fluid or not...just work when I need it to work. To me, the home screen moves and feels the same. I do notice the choppy animation when I am going from locked screen to home screen. I don't wait for that lock icon to finish animate. I just slide to open as soon as I press the power button. It doesn't bother me but I guess it was important enough for Google and some users to have that feature.


Re: Nexus S™ Software Update - JRO03R (Jelly Bean)

I got the update last night and I really appreciate it, but am I unable to use offline voice typing on my Nexus S 4G? It doesn't seem to work since getting the OTA yesterday. I use Swype anyways, but having an offline voice typing would be nice if i get too lazy to Swype.


Re: Nexus S™ Software Update - JRO03R (Jelly Bean)

Thanks for the feedback Chris.

I received the OTA last night and so far I haven't really seen any difference from ICS. The phone does not appear to be any faster and the lag I had in ICS when launching apps is still there. Though I am not convinced this is an OS problem. This is my second phone and it has been this way since I got it. Even when it had GB installed. I ran over my first phone. (Long story)

Google Now is interesting. I played with its voice commands and it was pretty accurate. It had problems with words like DeVry and Parkshore. It would seperate it into two words. Google Voice had to be reinstalled which was not big deal. I was expecting that since that apprears to be a known issue. Lots of other people have mentioned it. I'm on my first full battery so I'll see if the battery life is any better or worst. I was getting 12-15 hours on a charge depending on usage.

Both 3G and 4G (where available) are about the same. I've seen no difference.

Overall, the OTA is functional. I had to reset the customized ring tones I had for my wife and kids. Again, no big issue here.

So far so good ..


Re: Nexus S™ Software Update - JRO03R (Jelly Bean)

  • I noticed that the Display brightness sensor is more sensitive. Screen brightness fades in/out easily, while outside  it works fine but when i get into a building, office, house, the screen gets really dark, I have to manually adjust. Prefer the settings back in ICS
  • App menu animation is gone.

I will update my post when I find more issues


Re: Nexus S™ Software Update - JRO03R (Jelly Bean)


I was about to use voice input to get some email sent and I realized it's no longer there! In fact, I use different keyboard than the native keyboard so I switched to see. The mic icon is there on the second input method but when I click on it, the only thing working is "cancel" button with red slash going through the mic icon. The native keyboard does not even show the mic icon.

This is absolutely horrible that Sprint's Jelly Bean left out one thing that I was happy to use!

Furthermore, trying to use "Speak destination" in my navigation app crashes the navigation with message, "Unfortunately, Maps has stopped."

God, one after another I am so, so disappointed with Sprint's service. While Jelly Bean advertises with offline voice recognition, a function that was fundamentally built into the operating system has been eliminated. This is ridiculous!


Re: Nexus S™ Software Update - JRO03R (Jelly Bean)

When do I get my update to Jelly Bean??  My husband got his last week we have the same phone and I still haven't received mine.  My getting the update he finally has 3G and i still have 1X.  This update obviously helped out the data service which I just noticed on the sprint website that it changed to us having 3G data coverage.


Re: Nexus S™ Software Update - JRO03R (Jelly Bean)


Have you tried to clear your framework and force an update?

And after that goto your About Phone and check for update.

Who knows the reason for update order, if there is one. And you are a saint for putting up with 1x reception. I would have asked for my money back.


Re: Nexus S™ Software Update - JRO03R (Jelly Bean)

Mine came through this morning. The shortcuts for the camera and Google Voice on my home screen (using ADW Launcher) were the little generic android icon for a missing program. The lock screen was a ring again, even though I had a PIN set for security on my work e-mail.

Easy enough fixes for both but just little quirks others might notice.

Project Butter and the new notifications have been immediately noticeable and helpful. So far, I love being back on JB (I was using a JB ROM on another phone) and am excited that my update finally came through.


Re: Nexus S™ Software Update - JRO03R (Jelly Bean)

I got my update last night i see very little difference. One problem i have now is my screen will not auto rotate now? I checked the settings and it's set to do it but won't? Any idea's?



Re: Nexus S™ Software Update - JRO03R (Jelly Bean)


Try checking off and checking on again.

If that fails, there's another place that has auto roate setting: Menu > System settings > Accessibility > Auto-rotate screen

Try checking that and see if it works. Also try to restart your phone and see if that helps, too.

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