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Problems with Google Nexus S 4G


Problems with Google Nexus S 4G

I've had my Google Nexus S 4G for about a year and a half. I loved it! That is until the newest operating system update. Since that update it has just had problem after problem. First, I can hardly ever receive or send picture mail. It keeps just saying downloading or sending. I have tried, as customer service suggested, to cancel the pictures and resend. This does not help anything except escalate my frustrations. Also, my phone now randomly drops calls when I show that have service and than my service cuts in and out constantly. This is actually the second Nexus S I've had. The first was replaced due to a shattered screen. Both devices had the same problems!

I have taken my phone into the store to try to resolve both issues. According to the sales representative, the picture issue is a known problem with these phones and there isn't anything they can do to help. I was told to just wait until a patch is sent out that will fix the problem. I asked when this was supposed to happen and was told that they have no way of knowing. I understand that they don't make the phones, but I feel like as the provider who sold me the stupid phone and services it that they should have some sort of accountability when it doesn't work correctly. It's been a few months since the operating system was updated and if they are having constant complaints they should be trying to do something to fix it! I also asked about the service issue and dropped calls. They ran a diagnostic test and informed me that my phone was not defective and they couldn't do anything to help. Then after the girl could see I was getting frustrated she did tell me "Oh were working on our towers. That may be the problem." Really?! If that was really the case wouldn't I have been told that up front when I first mentioned that my issue was service related? At the end of my conversation with the Sprint employee I then asked if there was anything I could do to get a phone that works correctly short of having to buy one outright, as my contract/rebate is not up for six more months. Her response was "Not really." This is ridiculous. Sprint needs to make some serious effort to get these issues fixed! I don't want to pay 90$+ a month for a phone that won't do what it says it will!

Has anyone else had these same or even other issues with this phone? And if so, does anyone have any solutions?


Re: Problems with Google Nexus S 4G

I have been following this forum, community board and I am so frustrated with Sprint! I can't express how I am so upset that I got suckered into signing up with Sprint again. I am definitely leaving them as soon as my contract is up.

Anyway, I too have the same problem and the following method works for me 90% of the time.

1) turn off your WiFi and wait a minute or two

2) click on "Download" again

3) if still does not work restart your phone

4) while WiFi is off, redownload

I know, I know...why do we need to restart the phone? Apparently Android is not as fluid as iOS. I am from iPhone 3G to Nexus S 4G. And I can't believe how my old iPhone was much better than this expensive, good for nothing Android. And the reception is worse than AT&T. Furthermore, Sprint reception around my area is next to nothing!! Although the map says I have a great coverage, I am roaming in the parking lot. The parking lot!! Out side, open sky, no obstruction...for miles!!!

So why not fluid? This is my opinion: at least for me I get poor reception. And having WiFi turned on (also poor reception due to hardware or software) I think my phone is confused... it is only when I turn off no bar WiFi off...and wait a bit to redownload my pictures it works. And I know that messages do not use WiFi...but somehow this is my workaround.

Give it a try and let me know if this only happens to me.

PS. I sometimes have to restart my phone to get GPS reception. It cannot be that I cannot get GPS signal because I friend's Pantech phone gets immediately. When I restart the phone GPS works without a problem. I am restarting my phone at least twice a day...that goes to show you how awesome this phone/service is.


Re: Problems with Google Nexus S 4G

Sounds like you two got broken phones, it's not the OS's fault as it CAN happen. Even iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Windows Phone can have broken hardware.

Just do a factory reset and if that doesn't work, keep exchanging your phones or DEMAND a refund.

If you put up with your broken phones past the 15-day return policy, then it's your fault for not getting it fixed sooner. We're not in the age of dumbphones anymore, you CAN get them replaced, you know. But first, just do a factory reset:

Settings > Backup & reset > Scroll down to Factory data reset > Tap "Factory data reset", read the prompt, and select "Reset phone".

This will reset your phone to factory settings and uninstall all of your apps and delete text messages. It won't touch the SD card partition but you should back it up just in case. If you want to back up your texts, download "SMS Backup" from the Play Store and back them up.

If a factory reset does not fix your phone, you have a broken phone. Stop complaining on a forum, go to a Sprint store (not some phone repair place), and EXCHANGE it. Complaining on a forum won't get your problems solved.


Re: Problems with Google Nexus S 4G

@Chris Seven-I have had the same luck with turning off wifi and restarting the phone to get the pictures to download. As for the service issue I really haven't had any luck fixing that regardless of wether wifi is on. I do usually leave wifi connected if at all possible beacuse it keeps my battery from running down faster.

@R. Dodger- I am not a complete idiot. I have done factory reset on both of the Google Nexus S phones I have had, more than once. In addition, you obviously didn't read the original post or you would know that I have been into the Sprint store for all of the issues I am complaining about. I was in fact told that they won't replace the phone. I only have three options. One, wait until Samsung pushes a patch, as the Sprint employee told me to do, or I can either buy a new phone outright or wait until my contract is up in 6 months to get one with my rebate. And frankly if you have a problem with my post then why did you open it, semi read it, and then take the time to write out a reponse? Also if you had fully read it, you would know that I posed it as question to other users who have had the same problems, because I personally know many that have, to see if they had any luck with finding solutions.


Re: Problems with Google Nexus S 4G

Samsung is not going to push a patch because the software is controlled by Google alone as this is still a Nexus device, no matter if you bought it via contract or not. Samsung only made the phone, not the software so there's not much they can do to help you.

However, you need to learn to talk to others if Sprint's store is not satisfying you (are you going to a true corporate store and not a Sprint reseller?). Do a Google search for the Sprint retentions number and tell them what's wrong and let them know that Sprint won't replace your phone and you are unhappy.


Re: Problems with Google Nexus S 4G

crystal_a73--still cannot download? This was another answer (bs if you ask me) that Sprint Corporate store representative told me to do. Drive about a mile either direction and see if you can download. Some BS about tower, the angle of signal and how close you are to the tower... sometimes it works for me, sometimes I scream at my phone. And don't be too hard (if that was your tone) on R.Doger. For those who have not had the similar issue the best they can offer is an advice. For those who go through a similar problem we are just so frustrated at Sprint!

I have replaced my phone multiple times, left in Sprint's care many times and they all came back said "it's working perfectly!"

I really believe that it's Sprint's signal issue (whether the phone cannot get a good reception or Sprint signal is weak). Because, when I am in New York City, Atlanta, San Francisco and Las Vegas (can you see I travel a lot?) I have no problem downloading, sending, surfing and GPS navigation. The symptom always, without a fail, appears when I am in smaller city and town. In these smaller towns and cities my signal is -96 dBm just about all the time (to check your signal strength goto Settings, About phone and Status).

Just as I am writing this reply, I received 3 picture messages. Instead of downloading automatically it was stuck on "download" button. And so I click all three "download" buttons and it was stuck, doing nothing for over 10 minutes. When it came back to "download" buttons again, I click on it one at a time. And lo and's downloading...very, very slowly.

Furthermore, this is another rant about (I don't know where to place the blame)... people have the nerve to tell me to use 3rd party MMS apps. I suppose some people are just okay with using whatever to get the job done. As for me? It's the principle. I am paying $98+ per month for my service and I DEMAND properly working service! Instead of spending so much money on advertising how turly unlimited Sprint is, how about placing more cell repeaters so we all can actually experience "truly unlimited data?" If I am to use WiFi for my data usage why am I charged extra $10 on my service plan for having "faster phone?" (I kid you not, that was the exact words used by Sprint Rep when I asked what's with $10 on my unlimited $69.99 plan? Since then Sprint has corrected to $79.99. And when I challenged the extra $10 in my bill again, I was given another BS answer, "to help Sprint fund and manage 4G signals." Sprint does not offer 4G in my city!)

And what good is unlimited data if I can't even use the darn thing?

Anyway, try at different location where you get better signals and let me know how it works out for you.

UPDATE: Just to be sure... please perform the Sprint system updates as well. Settings, About phone, Sprint system updates. Update both Profile and PRL. Be sure to see the "update successful" screen and don't let your screen time out. Touch the screen to keep it from going, or make your timeout longer.

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