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Signal Issues with Nexus S


Signal Issues with Nexus S

I purchased the Nexus S yesterday morning and I totally love the device. It is so speedy and fast. Had no really issues with coverage at my house but I got to work this morning and have absolutely NO 3G or service period in my office. Now the reason I know this is not right is I have a co-worker that has an HTC EVO who has FULL bars and 3G available in my cube and his. I put our devices next to each other and everything and he has service and I do not. I was not able to even send a text from my desk today when I got to work.

I really love the phone and there isn't really another Sprint phone that I have a desire to have, but I can't have a phone that doesn't work where I am over 40 hours a week.

Anyone else have any advice or ideas? I tried Update profile and Update PRL in the building here and it didn't help.

I really love this phone, do you know of another device other than the EVO that has a better antenna? The EVO is too big for me.

Thank you for any advice.

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I'm having the issues also, with Wifi, 3G, and 4G.

Nexus S 4G

Build: GRJ22

Baseband: D720SPRKD8

typical signal: -96dBm, 0 asu

PRL: 60678 (will no longer update, get "failed to update try again" message)

I miraculously get 4 bars while on the road, but the gps can't cycle fast enough to lock on to a SpeedTest server. My speeds at home have been absolutely Slothful, it's even slower today than it was yesterday.

"2011-05-18 13:00","EvdoA",60,110,920,"Nashville, TN
"2011-05-18 12:58","EvdoA",42,33,827,"Nashville, TN",
"2011-05-17 20:00","EvdoA",456,358,178,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-17 19:37","EvdoA",550,226,124,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-17 19:35","EvdoA",1058,100,150,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-17 18:08","EvdoA",101,28,156,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-17 18:08","EvdoA",174,127,250,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-17 18:06","EvdoA",2629,267,136,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-17 18:02","Wifi",3354,3207,43,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-17 15:35","EvdoA",96,68,150,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-17 14:38","Wifi",2482,530,17,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-16 22:22","EvdoA",222,26,230,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-16 22:20","Wifi",5054,865,28,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-16 21:06","EvdoA",3218,977,144,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-16 21:05","EvdoA",539,381,136,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-16 21:04","Wifi",2479,330,167,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-16 18:41","EvdoA",848,84,208,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-16 18:40","Wifi",2475,318,139,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-16 15:03","Wifi",4580,3275,38,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-16 15:00","EvdoA",388,148,321,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-16 13:03","EvdoA",677,62,259,"Nashville, TN"
"2011-05-16 12:51","EvdoA",832,149,137,"Nashville, TN"

On a related note, how does one do screen shots on a Nexus S?


This video was posted on Phandroid showing the speed difference between the EVO 4G and the Nexus S 4G from the same location.

However, this only applies if you can ever get a reliable connection.


By reading through all of the linking sites from that video, it seems some people are starting to make some noise. Let's hope it leads to something. You simply can't ignore those huge discrepancies in the results


Nexus S 4G

-86 dBm

8.4 KB/ps average download speeds.

I also hosted my own speedtest on a line that I can confirm has no other traffic on it, same results.
All my friends on Sprint in my office have better speeds and can attain 4G reception, I cannot.

I also have times where I loose all data reception and my "bars" turn white, even though it says I have -86 dBm.


Another possible failure scenario with the radio...I was in a spot with very poor coverage (poor with my previous phone too) for both sprint and roaming service, the Nexus was constantly switching back and forth, eventually it showed a roaming signal but no data at all, I rebooted the phone and the data signal came back.



Same issue here.  Recently ported in my fiances number and gave her my 3 month old Epic so that I could get back to some Vanilla Android, but the signal is really mediocre.  And then that wears out the battery.  Get the logcats ready.  Erm, wait...what?  I'm probably going to take the phone back if at the very least a public statement isnt made in the next few days.  Sucks, I love this phone.


Count me as another Nexus S 4G user with reception issues.  Upgraded from a Hero and now have poor reception at best with the Nexus (3G and Wifi, no 4G around here).  My wife has an Evo Shift and side by side comparison the Shift is faster and has a more reliable connection than my new Nexus.  I love the phone other than...the phone.  Hope this gets resolved before my 30 days or it's going back to the store, I paid full price for the upgrade and so far it's not worth it


Recieved a AIRAVE in the mail yesterday.  After setup my wife's LG Rumor Touch get full bars anwhere in the house.   I can sit 2 feet from it with my Nexus S and get 2 bars.  -86dBm


i got mine yesterday too Jimmy, but the mobile light just blinks green for a while, then goes to amber. Did you have to call them to turn it on/link it to your account? I haven't called them yet

edit: I had to call the 866 # in the booklet and activate it, even though theres some wording about how it should already be activated in the manual


Same issues here in Jackson Hole, WY.  While I know Sprint doesn't claim to have great coverage here, it always worked perfectly where I had it on my old Samsung Instinct.  After buying this phone I'm dropping calls for the first time which is unfortunately affecting my business.  I was initially trying to wait for the Evo 3D but my Instinct began going haywire so I upgraded to this one shortly after it came out.  I just tried updating the PRL last night so hopefully that will help, but judging by the responses, I'm not holding my breath.

Personally I'm hoping the Evo 3D comes out within my 30 days limit, especially if this doesn't get resolved by then.


Same issue in/around Chicago, IL.  Both my wife and I traded up from the original Palm Pre.  We both experience absolutely terrible connectivity for voice, 3G and 4G.  Can't get 4G in our home even though our town of La Grange, IL is blanketed in dark blue on Sprint's 4G coverage map.  Wifi in our house seems to work fine, but then I've got 4 wifi routers/repeaters blanketing our small house (love that DD-WRT).  Can't get 802.11N to work, however.  It just doesn't see the access point.  I was able to get 4G coverage walking down the main drag of our town, but one bar max and haven't seen 4G work anywhere else.

Last night my wife and I were both in the Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago with our Nexus S 4Gs, and neither of us could get any kind of signal whatsoever in a restaurant.  Our babysitter tried texting us, and it didn't get through.  In fact, I got a delayed SMS this morning from the babysitter that was sent last night.

While at the restaurant, my battery dropped from 75% to the red zone in 2 hours with very little usage on my part.  I turned off 4G after the first hour, and the drainage continued unabated.

My wife's very angry with me, and I can't blame her.  If we don't hear news, the phones are going back to Best Buy before our 30 days are up.  Sprint and Best Buy are going to take a soaking on this one if they don't come up with a fix.


I got a call from Sprint yesterday about 16 hours after emailing Dan Hesse.  They have not had many call in complaints, as in not enough to be a known problem.  I have a documented known issue with Sprint now that I reported it to a live person.  If everyone on this thread will email in to Dan, they will call you (shows up Private Number), so answer and report this issue.  They will get back to you within 24 hours after the email.  Someone is supposed to contact me in 2-3 days, but could be up to 5 business days.  They have this thread documented, but need us to talk to them live to get the info they need per person for each of our needs as close as they all are.  Let's get this issue resolved asap.  So, email now. 

Send your email to :

Thanks all.

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