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Signal Issues with Nexus S


Signal Issues with Nexus S

I purchased the Nexus S yesterday morning and I totally love the device. It is so speedy and fast. Had no really issues with coverage at my house but I got to work this morning and have absolutely NO 3G or service period in my office. Now the reason I know this is not right is I have a co-worker that has an HTC EVO who has FULL bars and 3G available in my cube and his. I put our devices next to each other and everything and he has service and I do not. I was not able to even send a text from my desk today when I got to work.

I really love the phone and there isn't really another Sprint phone that I have a desire to have, but I can't have a phone that doesn't work where I am over 40 hours a week.

Anyone else have any advice or ideas? I tried Update profile and Update PRL in the building here and it didn't help.

I really love this phone, do you know of another device other than the EVO that has a better antenna? The EVO is too big for me.

Thank you for any advice.

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Yes, go to "". Then select your phone model. Make absolute certain you click on the Nexus S 4G and not the regular Nexus S. After that you should see a link called "wiki". Click on it, then on the next page that comes up it should have the link to the full upgrade guide. Please make sure to follow the instructions in the guide to backup your phone using the ClockWork Recovery (the steps are in the guide) or you will likely not be able to return your phone to the stock Android that it came with ever again. Another thing to note. The guide says that unlocking your bootloader to install CyanogenMod will void your warranty. While this is true, if you need warranty service it is easily possible to relock the bootloader after you restore your stock Android backup. Follow the instructions in the "unlocking your bootloader" section except type "fastboot oem lock".


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Re: Nexus S 4g and ICS-where is it?

Here you go!   Now everyone can be happy.

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