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Signal Issues with Nexus S


Signal Issues with Nexus S

I purchased the Nexus S yesterday morning and I totally love the device. It is so speedy and fast. Had no really issues with coverage at my house but I got to work this morning and have absolutely NO 3G or service period in my office. Now the reason I know this is not right is I have a co-worker that has an HTC EVO who has FULL bars and 3G available in my cube and his. I put our devices next to each other and everything and he has service and I do not. I was not able to even send a text from my desk today when I got to work.

I really love the phone and there isn't really another Sprint phone that I have a desire to have, but I can't have a phone that doesn't work where I am over 40 hours a week.

Anyone else have any advice or ideas? I tried Update profile and Update PRL in the building here and it didn't help.

I really love this phone, do you know of another device other than the EVO that has a better antenna? The EVO is too big for me.

Thank you for any advice.

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Just got my phone yesterday. Also had GRJ22 already installed when I powered on. Showed on map I would have 4G at work and at home. I get one bar at work of 4G none at home. I only have one bar of 3G when at home. I live less than 3 miles from Disney World so you think Sprint would be interested in covering this area.


Same issues here post GRJ22.  It would be nice to at least have an acknowledgement of the problems.  Waiting until this weekend before I return it.


I'm having the same issue. I get two bars of service in my window office next to the window, sometimes. Most of the time, I get one or zero. I live in Northern Virginia, about 2 miles from the old Sprint/Nextel Corporate HQ. You would think I could get good 4G service and great 3G. If this isn't fixed by this weekend or at least an acknowledgement of this issue, I'll be forced to return the phone and seriously consider going to big red or at the very least go back to my HTC Hero.

How does Sprint expect us to pay an extra $10 a month for worse service?


You know what pisses me off even more than the poor signal reception on the Nexus, its Sprint's clueless customer support, you call them an amazingly they've never hear of the problem and their only suggestion is 1) download any updates 2) reset the phone 3) go to a Sprint repair center

Even the admin's on this forum ignore the evidence right in front of their eyes, they are blind to the problems of their customers, I guess the rose colored glasses make everything look a-okay!



Another data point: I'm in Chicago and I purchased my Nexus S from Best Buy.  I had low signal at my office compared to my old Palm Pre.  At home, the phone's signal was 5-10 db worse than my wife's Epic 4g, which I would imagine has very similar radio hardware. Bad antenna design, perhaps?

In addition, 4g was almost unusable, even on the I-90 directly by O'Hare International Airport, a location that I would imagine would have good 4g coverage.  The phone constantly dropped the 4g signal, even where it briefly appeared to have a strong signal.

My phone is completely up to date, both software and PRL.


Same issue here, in Chicago. I have far worse reception than my HTC Hero. The phone doesn't smoothly switch between 3G and 4G, leaving me with no data connection at times. I also can't charge the battery to 100%, despite an entire night on the charger.

I really want to like this phone and stay with Sprint. Hope there is a better response soon.


The not being able to charge to 100% is normal, its a safety feature to not damage the battery.  Your full charge is at 95%.


I went to my local Sprint store in New Brunswick NJ and ran Speed Test simultaneously on my Nexus and the store's Evo. Here are the results:

Nexus (ran twice, @ 3/4 bars):
Ping: 104, 226
Down: 313, 517
Up: 84,80

Evo (ran twice, @ 6/6 bars)
Ping: 201, 207
Down: 532, 567
Up: 106, 92

So EVO wins on 3G, but not by a large margin

Nexus (Ran 3 times, zero 4G bars)
Ping: 114, 116, 112
Down: 609, 619, 393
Up: 67, 84, 71

EVO (ran 3 times, 2/3 4G bars
Ping: 28, 114, 135
Down: 4640, 2356, 1823
Up: 4489, 953, 998

EVO wins hands down for 4G...

I'm taking my Nexus back tomorrow for a replacement, hoping that fixes the issue.

If it does not fix the issue then I am going to use my 30-day return policy...maybe go to T-mobile and get a working Nexus there...


I had great signal and speeds with the EVO. My new nexus appears to have poor 3g/4g/wifi. I hope they put out an OTA fix for it like they did for the EVO. Good thing I have 30 days to decide


My Nexus doesnt get as good a signal as my Evo did in my apartment. but 4 bars to 3 bars is no big deal to me, my 4G and WIFI work just fine.


I am posting here so that Sprint will see there is indeed a problem and address it (if it is addressable), as I generally like the phone, but the problems outlined below are unacceptable.

I just picked up a Nexus yesterday, and it already has build GRJ22, which I understand is the latest update.

I am sitting in my office in downtown San Francisco, where last week I was running my entire office network (we had just moved and had DSL problems) off of a Clearwire WiMax Hotspot. The signal was excellent and constant, and we consistently got speeds of 6Mb or more.

I have my Nexus in the same location. It will intermittently get 4G, but only what appears to be a weak signal (at most 10% of the time), and then the signal will go away. Presumably this is the same Wimax signal as with the Clearwire modem.

I figure OK, the 4G doesn't work, so I'll use wifi. In the very same place where I receive a strong and constant wifi signal on my laptop, and a strong and constant signal with a Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V, the Nexus is incapable of using the same wifi signal.

Even though I don't need wifi tethering, it's enabled by default on the phone, so I figure I'll try it out. As soon as the wifi tethering is turned on, the phone stops receiving cellular data (i.e., 3G). Not only is there no tether to the internet, but no apps on the phone that need to access the internet can do so until the wifi tether is turned off.

I'll skip the usual commentary - other than to say this phone seems to have some serious problems.  If they cannot be addressed by firmware updates, this will be the Edsel of phones.


Long time Sprint customer (12 years: Gold Premier). I have used all the popular sprint phones (change phones atleast once year if not twice).I can tell you Signal strength/WiFi is a SERIOUS problem with Nexus S 4G.

In my house, I was getting 3 bars and strong wi-fi connection with every sprint phone I used. Nexus gets 1 bar intermittently and very weak wi-fi. Often call drops because of lost signal. At work, my previous phones got full signal strength and excellent wi-fi connection.. with Nexus, I get 1 bar and wi-fi is spotty at best. Believe me when I say, I am a techie and know everything about android (I have done hard reset, updated profile, PRL, scaled back on brightness, dis-abled 4G, disabled GPS, bluetooth, auto sync, have minimum widgets and apps and so on).

Again, if you look at the complaints (almost all of them have weak signal strength and terrible wi-fi connectivity), there is something wrong with this phone. I will give it a week to see if Google/Samsung/Sprint fix this issue else I will be one of those loads of people RETURNING this phone.

Why would anyone want to spend hundreds of bucks on this phone and tinker with it all the time just to get it going?. I am seriously planning to make a move to ATT (just waiting for what iphone 5 has to offer).

Extremely unsatisfied customer here (with Nexus S 4G).

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