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Signal Issues with Nexus S


Signal Issues with Nexus S

I purchased the Nexus S yesterday morning and I totally love the device. It is so speedy and fast. Had no really issues with coverage at my house but I got to work this morning and have absolutely NO 3G or service period in my office. Now the reason I know this is not right is I have a co-worker that has an HTC EVO who has FULL bars and 3G available in my cube and his. I put our devices next to each other and everything and he has service and I do not. I was not able to even send a text from my desk today when I got to work.

I really love the phone and there isn't really another Sprint phone that I have a desire to have, but I can't have a phone that doesn't work where I am over 40 hours a week.

Anyone else have any advice or ideas? I tried Update profile and Update PRL in the building here and it didn't help.

I really love this phone, do you know of another device other than the EVO that has a better antenna? The EVO is too big for me.

Thank you for any advice.

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Here is what I have figured out - it appears to be a definite bug.  I hope some Sprint+Google+Samsung people read this forum.

When you start Hotspot, the phone cycles the radios (I'm guessing for routing/authentication information).  When you use 3G+Hotspot, that's fine. BUT, when you are using 4G+Hotspot, for some reason (a bug) the 3G radio never gets shut down -- both 4G and 3G radios are on.  So, routing information for any device connected to the Hotspot is all messed up (essentially your laptop is trapped between the 3G and 4G routing... in limbo).

I have found a couple of ways around this:

1) use the network app referenced in other parts of this thread and manually turn the radio off using the "Turn Radio Off" button.  You can also access these settings via *#*#4636#*#*.  Sometimes this works just by cycling the radio off then back on (i.e., hit radio off then radio on) and it stays ok until the radios get reset... sometimes I need to leave radio off while using 4G+Hotspot.  What you want is the entry "GPRS radio" a bit above the button to report "disconnected".  And you want no 3G showing in the notification area at the top of the screen.

2) It also appears that if you have 4G on and Wifi on and then turn Hotspot on, it does the right thing (Wifi on means the 3G and 4G radios are actually shut down but for some reason starting Hotspot with Wifi on seems to only start the 4G radio, not the 3G one as well).  I'm not sure this works every time (but is simpler than using method 1).

Of course, your mileage may vary.

And, near as I can tell this does nothing to improve signal quality/speeds... other than support the sense that this phone wasn't tested very well.

I hope this helps.


I've used two devices.  I got one via online ordering and replaced it with a later model (they code the date of manufacture) from a Sprint Store.  Same junk piece of hardware both times.  Now I have an EVO 4G.  I got it yesterday.  I gave up on the Nexus S, I really have every reason to believe this is a Samsung problem, which points to hardware, and that and Samsung's record of awful solutions to design flaws tells me there won't be a fix anytime soon and they won't recall the devices.  So I'm out, and liking the EVO so far.  At least it works the way it's supposed to.


For what its worth I took my phone in and they did something to it and its working better.  They claim the set it to sprint network only but it was already set to that and working like garbage.  Now I have 4g where I didn't before.  I'm. In the Chicago market.


I have not been getting the warm fuzzies from Sprint and/or Samsung,  I did get from Sprint that they are aware of the problem but are now trying to convince Samsung that its a problem that needs immediate attention.  Samsung's history on fixing problems as can be seen from their previous history with other bugs on their phones (eg GPS?) shows that they are in no rush to do anything.

So I've made my decision, I am returning the phone next week, and I just purchased an Evo (used without a contract), and my current contract expires in the fall.  This leaves me open to either move all four lines to another carrier (Can you hear me now?) or pick up new phones later (2 of the 4 lines are eligible for upgrades now) if I decide to stay. Hopefully in the fall when I leave or get new phones the Evo will still be worth something.

Its a shame as I think I said earlier, as an Android device the phone really does work well but if you need ot use data, forget about it, its not going to happen reliably.



You do realize that HTC DOES NOT make the SAMSUNG Nexus S 4G, right? Also the Android interface that you seem to be refering to is Sense by HTC, whereas the SAMSUNG Nexus S 4G is 1) a Nexus device (so it's a Google experience device, i.e. "stock" or "vanilla" android) and 2) HTC Sense is a proprietary Android interface that IS NOT included on a SAMSUMG device. Reception issues aside, you should do your homework.


@Bridget, what are you talking about?  Who is saying anything about this device being made by HTC and or saying anything about Sense having anything to do with anything?


"The employees said we were not the first to return the Nexus already, because of the antenna's lack of performance!

So, we switched to the Evo 4G, and we both have great signals at work today.

Hopefully, they get this figured out, as I did like having Gingerbread and knowing my phone would get the Android updates first.
But, I must say, I do like the improvements that HTC made to the Android interface.

So, buyer beware, the Nexus S 4G is probably not going to offer you great coverage unless they figure this out."

i fail to see where he said the nexus s was made by HTC...i do however see where he said he took the nexus back and got the evo...which is made by HTC...and then stated that he likes the improvements they made on it.

read ALL of a post before you try to bash

this was to bridget by the way..my bad...i'll do my homework next time.

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I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

We're getting some traction.  Engadget has posted a major article about the signal quality issues.


Again, please continue to post your reviews of the phone on Sprint.com.  The rating is slowly changing.

Login---> My Sprint---> My Device and Media ---> Rate


Anyone else getting a overheating of the phone when surfing the web in addition to the poor signal?

FYI, Sprint, I get ZERO bars of signal in my residence.

The EVO 4G gets a FULL signal in the same location.


This could be both a faulty radio and antenna issue we are having. Keep blogging my video people. Two major sites reported on our issues tonight.


Don't get full of yourself.. Don't think for a second it was because of your video. You also shouldn't be thanking the Android Central guys for backing you up. I had emailed Jerry "gbhil" to regain order in that topic over at that forum, because you were causing major issues. I'm glad you have chosen to tone it down. Thank you.. But don't think those guys were standing behind you, they were regaining order of something I reported. When I spoke to a editor of Engadget, they had decided to conduct this test because many of the bigger Android sites had asked them to. Not because of "Fixxer1022" lol.

You have only 291 views on that video.. You also disabled comments, because obviously you couldn't handle people proving you wrong on many points. Again your known as a troll by the XDA crew, and you proceeded to try that on Android Central. But because we have a tight community over there, we made sure to stop you in your tracks.


While the intention is obviously good.  I don't think the video really does anything at all to help our cause.  It wasn't a rant by any means but there was no documentation to back up the complaintants.  Something with a side by side comparison of the Evo 4G and the Nexus S 4G would be much more useful I think.

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