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**System OTA Update Thread** Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich Nexus S 4G


**System OTA Update Thread** Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich Nexus S 4G

Please post if you are getting your OTA system update for Ice Cream or if you have an update to when it will be released officially from Sprint.

According to my friends who work for Google, the Google Company wants everyone on the Nexus S 4G to have ICS before Christmas.  They are having employees test it source:  also

Sprint says next year (early 2012) Pcworld BUT,  ZDNet and other developers  are showing Nexus S 4G users how to update,  go back .. The tester at ZDnet says only thing that doesn't work is video recording -  but then you won't get a verified and tested version from Sprint if you root, unless you use it then go backwards once the office OTA is released from Sprint.

Having said this,  Sprint will you give us (the nexus s users) a early Christmas present?  

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first of all Android 5.0 Jelly bean is just a RUMOR at this point, the official announcement is still months away. For people who do want to be at the bleeding edge of technology these things do make a difference. and there are lots of small features and improvements that add up to a new user experience for each new iteration of android...

your point about samsung is completely OFF topic here. yes im sure many people have had problems with samsung devices in the past, but samsung IS the leading manufacturer and has the biggest sales numbers in the industry. the ns4g is an exceptional phone. just compare the screen of your evo 3d with samsung's Super amoled displays on sg2 or nexus s 4g, it's a no-contest. htc makes washed out lcd screens with inaccurate black my opinion i would never buy an htc..again, this discussion is OFF TOPIC.

but thanks for pointing out that the evo 3d was ALSO promised an ICS upgrade back in november, i wonder if djallynrules is aware of this before he purchases an evo3d and sets himself up for disappointment again


meatman i think you are misunderstanding me.

the argument here is that according to djallynrules, someone promised him ICS for his nexus s and he has not received it yet and is angry because he feels he was lied to by sprint. My point is that the nexus s is still first in line to get the ICS update, and that sprint is not responsible for sending him updates (google is). evo 3d is NOT the focus of discussion here. When i mentioned the evo 3d and samsung galaxy s 2 phones, it's because he suggested he will be returning his nexus s for an evo 3d or something other than a nexus s4g and that he would be happier with an evo 3d because an ICS update was not promised to him. What you have done is inadvertendly prove me right by pointing out that ICS was indeed promised on the evo 3d back in november and still has not received the update, meaning that announcements are very often made and deadlines are missed when it comes to getting software updates.

NOW if he were to return his nexus s 4g and get something like an EVO3d or sgs2, he will STILL not have received his ICS update that he craves so much.

oh and what you said about samsung abandoning their users for newer phone versions...please tell me an android manufacturer that does NOT do that? HTC does the same thing. this point is irrelevant here because the nexus s4g does not get its updates from samsung at all...but from google.



  • ICS 4.0.4 has yet to be released OTA by any carrier to the Nexus S 4g.
  • ICS 4.0.4 Employee only beta information was leaked via screen shots of Sprint employee portal website stating, "Lets all scream for Ice Cream Sandwhich, Android 4.0 available on the Nexus S 2/16/12".
  • The Nexus S is slated to be the first Sprint Android phone to receive the OTA ICS update when testing is complete.
  • The Galaxy Nexus will be the first Sprint phone to nativley have ICS and may or may not come out before ICS is released for the Nexus S 4g.
  • The Galaxy Nexus will be released during Sprint's LTE update officially announced by Sprint via:
  • Many customers have called in to get a different phone through Sprint's retention dept by claiming they were lied to about when the ICS update would arrive on the Nexus S 4g.
  • Sprint has a history of not announcing OTA updates until after it has started rolling out to customers. (if your news doesnt officially come from Sprint then it probably isnt legit.)
  • The current official version of Android on Sprint's Nexus S 4g is Gingerbread 2.3.7.
  • Sprint sales are still claiming that ICS will arrive "soon" and many are advising to wait for the Galaxy Nexus if ICS is strongly desired.
  • The Nexus S 4g is not the only phone Sprint employees have stated will be receiving the ICS OTA.
  • No amount of complaining has resulted in release of ICS OTA update for the Nexus S 4g
  • Many users have settled for rooting and manually updating to an unofficial version of ICS on their Nexus S 4g.

My thoughts on this matter:
I rooted and modded every Android phone (up to 6 now) that I previously owned. The Nexus S 4g is the closest to a complete package that serves all of my needs in a minimalistic fashion. I prefer ICS interface however there is nothing wrong with Gingerbread 2.3 and my Nexus S handles it like a champ. The GPS is responsive and I experiance on a tiny bit of studdering when switching between apps sometimes. I am confident and capable enough to root my device and get ICS; however, that would cause less stability than I am comfortable with and first and formost I need a phone that can make and receive calls, not a pretty interface or a shiny new framework. In my experiance Carrier builds have always been 50% more stable than rooted builds and kernals. I will patiently wait...

Well I think that about covers this thread so far... Did I miss anything?

BTW, I am new to this community and Sprint. I switched from a Tmobile G2X to a Sprint Nexus S 4g as of today. Hello People .


good summary and welcome to the forums. i agree with every point you made


It all depends on your situation and location but I would certainly do speed tests to see if the Sprint network works for you. I live in Louisville, KY and if I didn't have 4 phones on this "wonderful" Sprint "network" I would be at T-Mobile. In my situation T-Mobile has 4G speed here in Louisvile as does Verizon. Sprint sadly does not and simply will not give me enough signal to run any streaming programs for any length of time. Speed tests results are terrible. We pay for what we get. Here at Sprint I get all the slow unlimited data I am willing to put up with for a decent price. I hope you didn't switch carriers for the phone because what good is a great phone if the carrier doesn't have the infrastructure to keep it running?



"your source of frustration is that your phone is not getting an ICS update, and you would be HAPPIER if you were to get an inferior phone that was not promised ICS to begin with?"

Apparently, reading comprehension is not a strong suit of yours.  My source of "frustration"  anger is being lied to.  All of the rest is immaterial.  As far as an "inferior" phone?  Isn't that a subjective thought?  I am not seeing anything on the Nexus S that really stands out, in fact, there are a few things that I find rather lackluster about the phone.  One of them being the battery life.  Unless I turn off everything but the actual phone itself, I can eat up an entire battery in a couple of hours.  Use the navigation and don't turn off the GPS and reboot the phone when I am done?  Battery will be gone in an hour.  At random times the phone will start heating up and getting so hot that I have to pull the battery out of it.  This must be one of those Google "features".

The long and short of it is that when a company lies to me about something, or at least misrepresents a product, then I no longer have any patience for them or their product.


How did Sprint "lie" to you?

1) They told you that the Nexus S on Sprint was a Google phone. True.

2) They told you that the Nexus S on Sprint would be updated by Google. True.

3) They told you that Google had an ICS update planned. True.

Numbers two and three are not quite correct.  From what I understand, Sprint will push the update, not Google.  As far as number three, the people at Sprint were far more specific than that.  They gave an actual timeline.  Had they been as generic as your scenario, you would have a point.  But since they WERE more specific, they have to own the lie.  It is also why Sprint is not fighting those of us who are wanting to turn our phones in for another selection at this point.  They know that the selling point for the Nexus S back in October was to push the idea that this phone was being updated to ICS right away and to be the first to have a phone with the new OS. This wasn't a local thing, this was pushed nation wide.

Now we have found out this isn't the case at all.  Sprint should have just kept quiet on it, but they didn't.  They made it a selling point.

Will I stay with Sprint and the Nexus S?  I may, but frankly once I've been bitten by a service, I find it very hard to stick with them.


"From what I understand, Sprint will push the update, not Google."

the OTA update is sent to nexus s phones by GOOGLE DIRECTLY not through the carrier.

By the way, you don't need to turn GPS on and off, you just keep it ON and it only RUNS when an application is using the GPS protocol; that's one of the FEATURES OF GINGERBREAD. If your battery is drained in an hour and you are not using a navigation program, YOU are doing something wrong

all of the other problems you mentioned I have never had, except the phone getting hot (usually when the phone is charging WHILE i am using CPU heavy navigation...this is expected from ALL phones).

Number 1,2,3 are ALL CORRECT. What was the date that they told you the update would land? And how could those magical employees have known FOR CERTAIN when an update would land when google itself didn't know?? They told you what was told to THEM, i heard the SAME THING and I understood what it meant. Maybe you just need to do a little more research before you make such an important purchase. According to EVERYONE, the Galaxy nexus was to be released and IMMEDIATELY following the release we would see an OTA update to nexus s phones. BOTH of these were delayed. THAT is NOT the fault of sprint reps who tell you what they are told. Is there something written in your sprint contract that obligates an arbitrary number of updates within an arbitrarily defined period of time? NO! They told you the nexus s would be among the first to get ICS within a few weeks because AT THAT TIME, THAT WAS THE SPECULATED TIME LINE. There was NO guarantee and NO contractual obligation on behalf of sprint. and judging from the FACT that no other phone has received an ICS update yet, you have absolutely ZERO grounds to complain. I MYSELF WOULD BE UPSET IF OTHER PHONES RECEIVE THE UPDATE FIRST because THAT is what I was promised, that nexus s would get it FIRST.

and PLEASE answer my question: if you had left sprint and went to Tmobile with the nexus s (without 4g) and you still didn't have the ICS update now, what would you be doing? Would you be on the tmobile forums complaining and whining and threatening to leave?? I am just curious..


@SPRINT, @gm245 & @djallynrules

"From what I understand, Sprint will push the update, not Google."

I would love to see some clarification on this by a Sprint employee. I have never seen any documentation that states exactly how the Sprint Nexus S 4G recieves it's updates. Do they come from Google or are they pushed from Sprint? Everything I have ever read states that the Nexus line is updated by Google. But as we all know the CDMA Nexus devices are different. So different that Google does not even list them on their developer page anymore. Any kind of proof stating specifically how the Sprint NS4G is updated as apposed to the GSM Nexus S is welcome.


Maybe it is time to stop beating up on Sprint, Sprint is only the reseller / service provider. Samsung is the OEM manufacturer. The Nexus is listed and advertised a a 'pure google phone' No bloatware from the Service Provider, Reseller or Manufacturer. Perhaps all these comments, concerns, issues should be directed to Google. You can reach the corporate office at

Google Inc.

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway

Mountain View, CA 94043

Phone: +1 650-253-0000

Fax: +1 650-253-0001

Call, Fax etc



"If your battery is drained in an hour and you are not using a navigation program, YOU are doing something wrong"

Unless you have used and touble shot djallynrules phone, you have no way of knowing what is wrong with it. Of course for you to have used his phone that would mean you would have to actually know him, as of course you don't because who would ever speak the way you do to people they actually know.

"all of the other problems you mentioned I have never had"

Exactly, so who are you to comment on them. I am not really sure why you believe you are the authority on the NS4G and it's problems (or lack there of), but as we all know all phones and processors are different. So some may work perfect while others are complete garbage.

"They told you what was told to THEM"

Another good point. They lied. They lied to you and they lied to djallynrules. Just because you choose to look past this lie does not change the fact that they lied. This is the main source for djallynrules anger. He was deceived about a product he was sold. As we all were. This is upsetting to some if not most of us. Sprint should have never pushed this as a selling point, as they have no control of when Google will finish an update.

So, I am not really sure why you feel the need to protect a billion dollar company that has been stated by it's custmers that it's employee's have lied to them. You might want to check your priorities as to why you are making post after post. No one on this forum cares to hear what you think. Everyone on here is looking for responses from Sprint, not some guy that has absolutely nothing to do with the company but is willing to defend it even when he has admitted that it's employee's lied to him. So please find another forum to troll your pro Sprint rhetoric, as we are looking to receive real help and answers form actual Sprint employees.


djallynrules wrote:

It is also why Sprint is not fighting those of us who are wanting to turn our phones in for another selection at this point. 

Could you further elaborate on this? Is there some way I could trade in my 6 month old NS4G for say a Motorolla Photon? I hear that phone has great reception and call quality, something the NS4G is seriously lacking.


HmmmmMMmmmm, thank you justified for your very substantial response. If you could please quote me where I said anything MORE 'combative' than what was said to me by djallynrules regarding a 'lack of reading comprehension' I would appreciate that . If not, then please also tell me why you did not call his posts out as being potentially flammable. I will try my best to be extra polite to you because you seem to be very easily offended. I will also try to use big words less frequently so you don't get confused.

I am commenting on the ns4g after working with and rooting over 30 of them in my own community, and helping a dozen people on these forums. I have never had any of the issues discussed by djallynrules. I am not stating a generalized rule but stating that I MYSELF have never experienced those problems. Which is exactly what he is doing, yet you are complaining about me? It is not really that absurd for me to suggest that perhaps it's something that he himself is doing, like running navigation in the background without knowing about it or some other CPU heavy application. OR perhaps you are right and he has a unique phone that simply does not work, in which case he should take it back to the sprint store instead of complaining on an online forum where even the sprint employees cannot PHYSICALLY TROUBLESHOOT his phone

When I say the sprint employees told you what was told to them, I am not defending sprint nor am I stating that I was lied to, which is something you really need to understand because most of your post was about this very wrong notion. The nexus s phone is a google phone, a concept that was created by google itself. A google phone receives updates from GOOGLE. The biggest selling point over these phones is minimal carrier interference and minimal bloatware. If you really need me to cite references documenting and explaining that google itself pushes the updates for nexus phones, all that means is you have never actually understood what "google phone" means, or "pure google experience", all of these which were selling points that you are criticizing. I am NOT defending sprint but, rarther, encouraging that your anger be placed at the party at fault, which is google for halting the delays. This should be not be dependent on whether one party is a 'billion dollar company' or not.

sprint's "selling point" is that the updates are sent to the nexus s 4g "as fast as humanly possible" according to their own website, there is no specific time frame for this. When I was sold the phone, I was told exactly this same thing. I was not lied to, I understood that 'fast as humanly possible' means sometime in the future but no specific date or time. JUSTIFIED, when you were sold your nexus s phone, were you told an exact date as to when the ICS update would hit? Was djallynrules told of a specific date that the update would land? If not, there are again, no grounds for you to complain and no grounds for you to say you were 'lied' to by sprint. I am simply stating facts here. Google is responsible for releasing the updates, if Sprint was responsible, they would have given you a date and time for the update to land (and that would probably also have been delayed because that's just how these things roll out). Secondly, the other potential outcome of djallynrules situation would have been that he would have bought a nexus s phone on t-mobile, so for the third time, I ask...if he had bought a TMO nexus s device, would he be complaining on those forums and threatening to drop TMO for sprint? Because the situation is identical there...

This is a forum where people can discuss issues that matter to them. PEOPLE, not just sprint employees have a right to contribute their own thoughts and experiences, WHETHER THEY ARE POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE. Perhaps if it were up to you, you would hide all positive feedback regarding sprint's service because it seems irrelevant to you but unfortunately you are NOT the moderator here. I am here to help people understand their nexus s phones because I love the device and feel like I have more than an average consumer's understanding of the device. Since posting in this specific thread, over 5 people have sent me private messages asking me to help them root their phones or asking me which rom is best. Am I in any way blocking sprint from answering your questions? DIDN'T THINK SO.

JUSTIFIED, in regard to your question about whether the update is pushed by google or sprint, double click to open your browser, type in "" in the address URL bar at the very top, and once you are at this mystical google website, type in "google halts update to nexus s 4g" in the search bar (the white bar above where it says "google search". After pressing enter on your keyboard, Click the very first link that appears, the title of which is "Google halts Nexus S ICS update" which is an article posted by ZDNET. NOW, I know the title of this article (as well as hundreds of others) is a bit AMBIGUOUS regarding exactly WHO is halting the ICS update to nexus s phones, so I highly recommend you read the text which is placed immediately below the title. I hope I am being polite and helpful enough for you to nagivate this complicated inter-web experience, which sometimes just seems like a series of tubes to me.

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