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**System OTA Update Thread** Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich Nexus S 4G


**System OTA Update Thread** Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich Nexus S 4G

Please post if you are getting your OTA system update for Ice Cream or if you have an update to when it will be released officially from Sprint.

According to my friends who work for Google, the Google Company wants everyone on the Nexus S 4G to have ICS before Christmas.  They are having employees test it source:

http://www.pcworld.com/article/245471/google_said_to_be_testing_android_4o_on_samsung_nexus_s.html  also


Sprint says next year (early 2012) Pcworld BUT,  ZDNet and other developers  are showing Nexus S 4G users how to update

http://www.zdnet.com/blog/mobile-news/android-40-ice-sandwich-on-nexus-s-4g-review/5809,  go back .. http://www.androidauthority.com/how-to-update-the-samsung-nexus-s-to-android-4-0-ice-cream-sandwich-...   http://www.extremetech.com/computing/106055-how-to-install-android-ice-cream-sandwich-on-a-nexus-s The tester at ZDnet says only thing that doesn't work is video recording -  but then you won't get a verified and tested version from Sprint if you root, unless you use it then go backwards once the office OTA is released from Sprint.

Having said this,  Sprint will you give us (the nexus s users) a early Christmas present?  

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RC1024 wrote:

I'm not saying that it would be difficult telling you a release date if there were one, but saying that it would be difficult to calculate a release date tentative, or otherwise as the project may have unanticipated hitches, apart from the fact that it's being developed and released by an entirely separate company. You have entirely misconstrued that statement, it is a statement of anticipation as I hope to update to ICS soon.

Except that ANOTHER person from Sprint here said this just today:

ICS has not been released yet because Google and Samsung are still  performing test. I have been provided a tentative date, although we do not want to post a date incase Google or Samsung find something with the current test version and need to push the date out again. [emphasis mine]

One says he HAS a tentative release date but has been told not to tell us what it is, and you are telling us that it would be difficult to calculate what a tentative release date would be if there was one.

I fully appreciate the fact that calculating such a date would be difficult and that for whatever reason that date may not be met.  That is why you would call it a "tentative" date, and it would be subject to change.

But here is the thing -- someone apparently has done that difficult calculation in order to come up with a tentative date.  At least that is what one guy is now saying.  I don't see the harm in disclosing that date -- with the caveat that it IS only a temporary date and subject to change.

Or, if you want to be more abstract, just say that a release is "tentatively anticipated for sometime in (month)".  If it starts looking like that isn't going to happen, you can always adjust it out.  At least this way, you are saying something, even if it isn't being specific.

The point is, other carriers ARE saying something without being specific.  It tells the customer that they ARE engaged in doing something, even if they don't have any more information than we do.



You are wearing everyone out over an issue that will eventually get resolved.

You are in control of nothing and are wasting your time.

You will get your precious update when they push it out to you and not a minute sooner.

There is no need for these daily, sometimes hourly, posts regarding the same issue.


I for one have decided to elect to Stop email notifications because this issue was over after the first 10 posts!

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MeatMan69 - Well said! The whining from some people is getting WAY out of hand. I would like the update along with everyone else but I'll be damned if I'm going to let it consume my time and energy. It's a phone..period.


It's funny how you guys at Sprint keep stalling in regards to this update. I bought my Nexus S 4G because it was advertised as a Google Flagship Phone and it was supposed to get priority updates. I wouldn;t be surprised if Sprint and Google were to see a class action lawsuit pretty soon regarding this. I just read Motorolla and HTC's line up of phones that will be receiving an ICS update, yet Sprint is telling us nothing about the so-called "Flagship Phone". Complete rip-off. Just explain it to everyone like it is, YOU GUYS ARE NOT RELEASING THE UPDATE BECAUSE YOU ARE WAITING TO DEBUT YOUR GALAXY NEXUS AND YOU ARE AFRAID THAT IF THE NEXUS S RECEIVED THE UPDATE, IT WOULD HURT SALES OF THE NEW DEVICE. That is all that it really is.


it's funny how so many people think the only reason for the ics update delay is because sprint wants to release the Galax Nexus before they roll out ICS to nexus s 4g.

You guys act as if the only thing offered by the Galaxy Nexus is ICS...you completely disregard the fact that it has much better hardware, dual core processor, 4.65 inch HD display, 1 gb ram, 1.3 megapixel front camera, 1750 mAh battery, and a multicolored led light. ICS is not the only selling point for GALAXY NEXUS, nor is it even a PRIMARY selling point.


@fahadh You're right but mostly wrong. I have played with the Verizon Galaxy nexus and the phone is too big, feels cheap and although it boasts a better processor, etc., etc. It's no serious upgrade. What you seem to be missing is that if the phone came out without ICS, noone would have flocked to it, because they would not want the same old google OS. ICS is the main selling poitn of the device and Sprint knows it. That is why it doesn't make good biz sense for them to release the update before the phone, because once people actually get a hold of the phone they'll just op for the upgrade if they already have the nexus s 4g


@fahadh alot of us that stated NS4G wont get ICS till the Nexus is out never said anything about selling points.  Just stating if you look at history of things until a carrier has a device with the newest OS on it or if they wont be getting a new device with it thats when you get the update has nothing to do with hardware or selling points in my opinion.  because ICS runs great on the phones.

besides this phone is unlockable from google, as google wants people to play with the devices so just get one of the many great ICS roms out there and life will be good.  But thats also an issue becuase non-tech savvy people use ebay/craigs list to get devices rooted/ROMed and then its not what they want and are all mad because they didn't research what it meant to do what they were doing.  side note if you rom and dont like it they have easy one click restore to stock solutions


Anyone have any luck getting out of their EULA or another way of bypassing the early termination fee?  I've been looking to get rid of Sprint, not only because of this issue, but for others as well


im actually totally right and you are missing some key points in your post. first, even the very earliest adopters of the nexus s 4g had to have bought their phone in May 2011 at the EARLIEST, which means they are not even a full year into their TWO YEAR CONTRACT. so those nexus s 4g users (which means all of us and including you luchosen) are not even among the potential buyers of the galaxy nexus. IF you wanted to buy a galaxy nexus you would have to purchase it at full price, which so few people will do.

secondly, anyone looking to buy into a new contract will see that Sprint is offering other more powerful devices than NS4G like the samsung galaxy s 2, or that the new galaxy nexus is just around the corner and will NOT get the nexus s 4g. so NO you are completely wrong in saying that an ICS rollout for nexus s 4g would hurt the galaxy nexus sales.

so really, the ICS update for nexus s 4g only matters for the small portion of people who actually bought the device and are stuck with it for at least another year, NOT new customers who are looking to UPGRADE.

@Smufin Truck2011, really? you didn't say anything about selling points? But when you imply that ICS is being held from nexus s4g until the release of GNEX arent you implying that ICS is a major selling point of GNEX?

ALL nexus devices, regardless of whether they are the nexus s 4g or the galaxy nexus, appeal to people because of their openness, readiness to be rooted and hacked, etc. and because typically when they come out, they are among the most advanced devices available. in fact, the biggest selling point for GNEX at this point is NOT that it has ICS but will be the first to get android 5.0 when it comes out later this year (unless the same process repeats that happened with nexus s 4g LOL)...guess we will all just have to wait and see. for me, i am very happy with my ns4g, have a custom ICS rom and will most likely wait for the next nexus device after gnex....

i have also played with the galaxy nexus and although i completely agree with you that it is not really much faster than the nexus s 4g (in my opinion, ns4g is among the fastest phones available, PERIOD), if i were a new customer and had the option of buying gnex or nexus s it would be a NO BRAINER, gnex is simply a better device because its the latest iteration of nexus phones...


actually the phone is not that much bigger to hold, even though the screen is much bigger. i think it's just a matter of opinion if you think it feels cheap, i've held it and it feels great. and the processor a dual core processor 1.2 ghz it's simply more powerful whether it felt that way to you or not in the 2 minutes that you played around with it at a store...so for you to say it's not a 'serious' upgrade is highly misleading and inaccurate.


@fahadh I dont see ICS as a selling point to the nexus, hardware yeah because its better but look at history on OS releasing is all im saying.  My Epic (gave to the wife) didn't get gingerbread until after the NS4G came out with it on it.  that also goes for my old HTC Hero when it came to updates.  Its logic until a new device comes out with the new OS the current wont get it.  Now if HTC proves me wrong for Sprint phones then thats that...however history shows until a new deivce has the new update, exisiting ones dont get it.  And its only a selling point if you want it to be.  for me it would be hardware but its not enough of a jump for me to get it.  Because i know ICS runs great on NS4G and the NS4G is a great phone.  So what i am saying in most basic terms is that NS4G wont see the update till the Nexus is out from looking at history with software updates and no other points of view added.

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