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Trick to remove labels from contact icons


Trick to remove labels from contact icons

OK here is the deal.  I wanted to have contact icons on my screen for a handful of folks who I talk with frequently.  Just easier for me.  However I just wanted the picture that I had stored in theri profile as the icon with no text below it (i.e. teir name).  Well I am not sure if there is an easier way to do it but I acchieved the desired result as follows...

1) Go into gmail and in the contacs list change the name for the contacs you want to icon to soft space-hard space.  (That is the space bar followed by alt-255.)

2) On yoru phone refresh the contacts.

3) Create the icon and it should show up with no text beneath (technically it is now showing up with a blank space.)

4) Go back to gmail and restore the name.  It will not force the change onto your icon.

NOTE: You may need to do the soft space-hard space twice for it to accept.

If you simply delete the name or use a just soft space, the icon will use the phone number of the contact rather than leaving it blank.

Woked for me anyway

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