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Wonky Nexus S 4G Battery - How Can I Get A Replacement?


Wonky Nexus S 4G Battery - How Can I Get A Replacement?

We ordered two Nexus S phones, and we love them - though one seems to have a battery that is no where near as good as the other. We've even went so far as to try the battery in the other phone, and it drains just as quickly, and much faster than anything I've read online (I've looked, a lot, no one seems to have the same results). The phone itself, of course, is a champ. It just seems this battery is the runt - even running in airplane mode it can discharge in less than 8 hours.

Can I walk into a Sprint store and get a new battery or do I have to return the phone - something I'm not comfortable doing. We can not go without one of these phones and I dread the process of backing up and restoring everything (especially since they are not rooted and Titanium backup or saving a copy of the ROM is not an option).

I ask because this is our first time with Sprint, we ordered by phone and have no idea how their stores work. The local wireless carrier (regional) replaced a whole phone for me, no questions asked, in about three seconds. I imagine though that Sprint wouldn't want to open a box for just the battery (unless someone recently returned a faulty phone for another reason).


Wonky Nexus S 4G Battery - How Can I Get A Replacement?

If its within the 14 days (actually 13 days) return period they will exchange it for another one at the low cost of a $35 restocking fee.

Or you can take it to a Sprint "repair" store and they will try to fix it.  If its out of your 14 days (13 days) and the repair store cannot "fix" it, they will offer you a refurbished phone in exchange for yours.

I recommend not dealing with sprint cause you will soon find out how they do things.  Just get on ebay and buy you a couple new batteries.  they are pretty cheap and this will save you such a headache having to deal with Sprint


Re: Wonky Nexus S 4G Battery - How Can I Get A Replacement?

Ken, you seem to just be upset with Sprint. I see in another recent post that you claimed to have left Sprint...

If you don't like the charges than leave Sprint.  Thats what I did.  I don't mind paying $170 a month of the network is quick.  But with slow 3G, $170 bill, rude customer service.....after 6 years I'm just moving on.  I have no doubt that sprint will get what is coming to them.  I give them a couple more years.

Considering the service here is great, we are paying much less for two lines, both with 4G and the customer service has been nothing but nice - I'm just going to ignore your "answer". Learn to move on. You probably, in your mind, think you are helping - you are not. You are just complaining.

I do understand the return window, and this is not the question I asked - in fact I was asking if there was another solution to the problem. If need be, if Sprint is that horrible (seems to be the standard policy of most carriers, and was with the regional carrier who just handed me a new phone) - I'm sure I could just contact Samsung directly. Furthermore, the 14 day window doesn't mean much in my state where I'm given, by law, more time to ask for a fix/replacement - even if I have to go through Samsung.

But my original question still stands - will a local store with product on hand be able to help me. One reason I'm outside of the 14-day window now is that I wanted to give it charge cycles and be sure it wasn't just heavy use, make sure it was being discharged to 0 to 20% and then recharging to full (as most smart phone Li-ion batteries are recommended to be treated).

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Wonky Nexus S 4G Battery - How Can I Get A Replacement?

Your best bet is   gong to be a service and repair store with a battery issue.  They will give you  the options based on your account.  Do you have TEP  are you under warranty etc.  Give the age of your phone your are certainly under the manufactures warranty.   How they will resolve the issue depends on what they find when they look at the phone and battery


Re: Wonky Nexus S 4G Battery - How Can I Get A Replacement?

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ I told you so.  You will need to take it to the Sprint Repair Store.  Not just your local store.  They will then need to test the phone as they can't take it from you that it is just a bad battery.  If they find the unit to be faulty they will offer you a refurbished phone.

I know what I'm talking about man.  Its a hassle.  Trust me.  Those repair stores are usually always busy.  I recommend just buying a new battery off ebay as they are fairly cheap and then you will have an additional back up.  But do what you feel is wise


Re: Wonky Nexus S 4G Battery - How Can I Get A Replacement?

I see my response never went through.  This forum site is as flaky as Sprints 3G network.  Anyways, I'm glad to hear you are enjoying Sprint. 

If you don't like what I have to say, then I just suggest you do not post a question in a public forum.  You might not like what everyone has to say.

Since I didnt answer your question to your satisfaction.  Why dont you just try to find the answer for yourself?

Try looking in the nexus S forum to see if others have had this problem.

Take it to a Sprint store and see what they have to tell you.

Press *2 and see what the customer service has to tell you.

I'm not sure what law your reffering to that gives you more than 14 days but everyone else only 14 days but your can always explore that route.

As for going to the manufacture (Samsung), let everyone know how that goes.  I know there are alot of Epic Touch owners who cannot get Samsung to do a thing for them.

You are correct, I am leaving Sprint after 6 years.  Much like many other customers are doing as well.  I find it hard to believe that were all just angry and fed up for no reason.  I personally am paying $450 in the ETF to leave Sprint.  But I will make it up by the cheaper at&t plan.

I'm glad you are saving some money and have 4G service.  But understand, not everyone has 4G service.  Have you tried using your phone in 3G?  You might understand why people are getting fed up.  And why they don't think its right to pay $170 a month and own a $750 phone and pretty much are only able to call and text.  I personally have other issues that occured.

You are new.  You will begin understanding what people complain about.  This will be a good experience for you.  Take you phone to your local sprint store first.  See what they tell you.  Then take it to a repair store.  Thats where the fun really begins.

Or do as I have said and just buy another battery online. 

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