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can I use my BB Tour sim card in a nexus one?


can I use my BB Tour sim card in a nexus one?

my bb tour 9630 uses a sim card, all the gsm bands that are supported by sprint and the wcdma band 2100, are supported on the nexus, I think it will work, you would just be roaming all the time as there is no cdma on the nexus, yet. compare the phones, nexus one, and bb tour 9630 at phonescoop . com. let me know


Re: can I use my BB Tour sim card in a nexus one?

I doubt it will work.

The sim you have in your BB Tour is there so when you are traveling OUTSIDE the USA you can call Sprint so they can activate it for you for international roaming (it's not cheap!)

You can give it a try by putting the sim in any unlocked GSM phone to see if it will work.

I will try and report back later today. I still have my sim for Samsung Ace and 3 unlocked GSM phones at home


Re: can I use my BB Tour sim card in a nexus one?

Thanks, I had an Ace, cool phone, liked the spacing on the keys, just liked the BB apps better, and the seamless transiton to the gsm bands in europe. but I dont think the ace sim wll work, I believe, because of the bands covered, the Tour operates the same bands as th n1, thats why I thought it would work, and according to a phone call to my brother in law( a Sprint employee) it should work, just might be charged intnl roaming because of the lack of CDMA bands on the phone. Now an unlocked version of the Verizon n1... anyhow, he says if I can wait till June, Sprint is going to get something called the supersonic, or hypersonic, something but it supposed to be WiMax, with a giant screen. Patience is not one of my virtues... Lemme know what happens.

Edit: Hey, clicked on your profile to find they have been talking about this phone for a while on here, the supersonic. He just told me about it yesterday! Too funny. June is the expected release, he is a programmer for Sprint.

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Re: can I use my BB Tour sim card in a nexus one?

I had some time today and did an initial testing using the sim from my Ace.

One thing I noticed is the phone was able to register and show Sprint as the provider.

I even tried to make call and as expected could not be completed because the sim is not active.

What you need to do is to call Sprint and activate the sim before using it to see if it will work here in the US.

Good luck!

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