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phone won't charge


phone won't charge

it seems that overnight my nexus s has given up. my phone is no longer holding a charge even when its plugged in, itwill not charge. took it too the repair center and they just switched out the battery but even after 2 hours thi new battery was gone, and now when its plugged in it says its charging the battery indicator reads a charge of 0% and my phone is very hot. does anyone know what it could be.


phone won't charge

The first thing to do is back up contacts to storage card, and make sure you know your gmail address and hard reset it.  (home/menu/settings/privacy/factory data reset) Maybe an application wont stop running in the background continuously, or the rom is malfunctioning-making it use up your battery.  If that doesn't work, take it back to store and explain that the battery has been replaced and it's been hard reset...they will check it out and if they can't fix it they can replace it. 

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