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Sprint Product Ambassador : Benefits of Windows Phone


It seems as most in today's world stick to one of two groups. Are you a pizza over burgers person, turkey or real bacon, coffee or tea. In the digital age today, most have also aligned themselves to two groups as well, Android or IOS. The people who are part of these groups vehemently defend their position as to why their side is the best. Many today treat this as if its the Jets and the Sharks (for all you youngins out there, this is a reference to possibly the greatest musical ever West Side Story).

In today's digital age, people get aggressive when debating and defending their side. The Android side argues that theirs is the best same goes for the IOS side. Well a 3rd group is coming to the party. Microsoft who used to be one of the two groups but now it is on the outside looking in. That being said here are some reason as to why getting a windows phone will be a benefit.

1.Live tiles: easily the first thing that is noticeable about the Lumia and any windows phone is the tiles that are on and constantly updating. My daughter likened the home screen to a scrabble board with all the tiles.

  2.   Integration with Windows 8, lets be honest as good as Apple OS is, it still does not make the market penetration like windows does. For that reason alone this phone is great, it can interact with your computer operating system like no other device.

  3.   Windows customization offers a mix of what Android and Apple allows you to. 

  4.  Windows Phone can sync with most library systems out on the market such as windows media player, itunes etc..

  5.  Xbox, which is better than apple tv, roku or any other player on the market. Windows phone can integrate with this device in a way that others cannot.


Stanny George