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What time is it!? 4:44!!


What time is it!? 4:44!!

What's up guys and gals!? How's it going!? Where are all my music heads in the community? Two weeks ago, rapper Jay-Z dropped his unexpected but much anticipated 13th studio album entitled 4:44. His release was an exclusive drop for Sprint customers and Tidal members. Last week, he made it available to Apple music customers so the rest of the world can listen as well. Although I'm not a big fan of Jay-Z, I got the chance to hear what the hype was about last week. I prepped my ears to not have a high expectation, however I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. His album talks about a wide variety of subjects ranging from his infidelity with Beyoncé, his mother coming out as lesbian, growing up as a man, to the increase of investing within the African American community.In regards to hip hop, it is a totally different shift from what is out currently. Some are saying it's his best work to date and he has reclaimed his throne as the “GOAT”. (Greatest of all time) Ehhhh, Idk If I would go that far, but to each is own.


Have you guys had an opportunity to listen yet? If so, what are your thoughts towards the album? Do you think he's past his time? Do you think the album is refreshing compared to the rap music that is currently out? From his release, his album has already gone platinum within 5 days. Do you think it is because of the lyrical content or the fact that he airs out his personal business and scandals? Voice your opinions guys! Stay classy my friends! 😎✌️






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Re: What time is it!? 4:44!!

Hey @AskSteve Thank you so much for joining us as a guest and sharing your opinion about the Jay-Z's latest offering.  Folks, if you did not know, AskSteve is one of my counterparts on the Virgin Community where they have just launched the new Inner Circle program and they are truly disrupting the game.


About the album: I'm really not at ALL qualified to attempt a review but people I like and respect say this is good stuff, and I liked it, so that's enough for me. 


Why the success?  I don't know but subjects are the human condition and he tells them in a compelling way.


I'd been thinking to myself that it was a new thing, artists discussing deep personal stuff like infidelity, addiction (looking at you, Eminem), etc in their work. Then occurred to me that artists always used their art to tell the story of their lives, sometimes as a morality play, sometimes bragging but more often simply because sharing our experiences helps us grow and it makes us relate to one another.  Great artists share not just their own lives but their perspectives on our surroundings, on politics and the struggles of life.


I'm not in everybody's head, but it would be my guess that people relate to Jay-Z, and yes, some of us wanted to know if he would confirm what Beyonce hinted at in Lemonade.  He also did a masterful job of building intrigue about this album, you can't deny.  


I'm not sure that I'm totally on board with counting downloads towards platinum 'album sales' since it was free for Sprint customers.  There's a distinction in my mind between downloading something for free and either paying for it through your provider or even walking into a store and buying a CD.  But don't mind me, I am old enough to remember 78s the first time around Smiley Wink 


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