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Yet another unsatisfied customer


Yet another unsatisfied customer

I'm discovering that I am not alone in my misery.  That is not really a comfort.  Here is my story:

     In the beginning of October I bought a Palm Pre (AT FULL PRICE- I was not eligible for an upgrade)  Shortly after, the pull out keyboard was not fitting as tight.  I brought it back to the store where I got it.  The manager and another employee were telling me that was a known issue with the phone.  They even commented on how bad the Palm rep's phone was.  Gee, now I'm really concerned.  I paid full price for this phone, I want it to be in good shape for more than just a few weeks.  I had the box, etc. with me (I thought they might do an exchange), but not the receipt.  The employee told me that without the receipt, they could not take back the phone.  (Total lies- Keyboard issue is not a known issue with the phone& store could have reprinted a receipt)

     I returned several days later with receipt in hand.  I exchanged the phone for the HTC Hero.  I absolutely hate this phone.  Tried to return it, but I had misplaced the receipt.  Again, I was told there was nothing they could do.  After talking with other people, I learned about the reprinting of receipts and how I was lied to about the Pre. 

     I called Customer Service.  They were appalled at the behavior of the store personnel and wrote extensively in the notes.  They told me since it was an equipment issue, I should return to the original store.  They should exchange the Hero for the Pre, since they were at fault.  I went back to the original store.  No surprise, new manager.  He confirms that they should have reprinted the receipt.  Then he drops the hammer.  I had 30 days from the purchase of the Pre to return the Hero.  I did not get an additional 30 days when I did the exchange.  I was totally blindsided.  No one mentioned anything about this during the return process.  He claimed he could do nothing about it, he would have to check with his district manager.  That was Thursday morning.  He said he should hear something by Friday.

     I finally called him on Saturday, he still had not talked to the district manager.  But, he would call me Monday.  Well, today is Tuesday.  I have received no word from them.  Thanks Sprint for the cheap calling plans.  I guess you really do get what you pay for.

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