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$10 extra to use 4G onthe Evo?


$10 extra to use 4G onthe Evo?

What is the deal with the new prices for the Evo? Is it $10 extra to add on 4g service? Is this optional? I find it crazy that I have to pay $10 a month when I don't have 4g service anywhere around me. Does not seem fair, is this enough to keep you from buying the Evo?


I can understand Sprint wanting to captialize on being the first carrier to offer a 4G network, especially after all their investing, buying stock, advertising, etc. on the 4G, so it makes since they would want to profit from it. So I do not have a huge problem with that.

However, like you, I do not live in a 4G area either, but I do like the awesome specs of the HTC EVO and if I am going to go into a 2 year contract with Sprint, I would like the option paying the $10 for 4G and not being forced to, as I would subscribe to it once it hits my area.

I have two questions for Sprint, which I have already emailed their sales department hoping for an answer. My first question is like the OP. Is this $10 charge optional? Can those of us who only live in a 3G area, choose to only use 3G?

Second question, it will be my girlfriend and I that will get HTC EVO's and go with the $130.00 smartphone plan (1500 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited data).  If this 4G service is a mandatory $10 regardless if we have 4G in our area or even want it, is it mandatory per line, or just per plan? I don't want to pay $20 extra for something I am not going to be using after all.

From what I understand the $30.00 hotspot add-on feature will be optional, which I will not be using, but am curious will this be per line? I suspect that it will be, but would like confirmation.


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I don't know about you guys, but I have an issue with this whole "$10 extra for 4G" garbage, and here's why.

Dan Hesse himself at CTIA 2010 when he introduced the HTC Evo 4G stated that the Everything Data plan and Simply Everything plans would ALREADY COVER the cost of both 3G AND 4G data usage.  So, that means that one would only need to pay $69.99 or $99.99 in order to use the phone.  I actually applauded that.  It was an indication (at least to me) that Mr. Hesse may have actually had a real plan behind the whole Simply Everything plans that he conjured up.

Hmmm...yet now, he's taking an about face and the company is now stating that they will charge $10/month EXTRA for the privaledge of using an HTC Evo 4G.  So much for having to ONLY pay $69.99.  Now you have to pay $79.99, and that's regardless of whether you live in a 4G WiMAX area or not.

No offense, but despite how great the phone's specs otherwise are, there is simply no reason I'd bother to ever renew my contract with Sprint now ever again.  Sorry, but there is simply too many times that Sprint C-level execs have said one thing, done another, and then lied about it, claiming that they never said that one thing in the first place (e.g., John Garcia saying that one MUST pay a monthly fee for the Airave even if one ONLY wants to have a stronger indoor home signal).

I honestly don't know why subscribers don't hold up integrity as something to value.  I do.


  1. perceived consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcome.
  2. steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code; The state of being wholesome; unimpaired; The quality or condition of being complete; pure
  3. assuring information will not be accidentally or maliciously altered or destroyed

This company most assuredly does NOT behave with any integrity whatsoever.  That's EXTREMELY disturbing to me...and I, for one, will no longer be a part of it.  Sorry...but if I can't trust in a company to at least stay true and stand behind what it says, I won't continue to be a consumer of their product or service.  And no one else should either.


The extra $10 may not be much but it takes this device of my reach.  With the way that things are my wife and I just can't afford the extra $10.  Even If I could I am not in a 4G area so it’s would be pointless.  My contract is about to be up soon and my wife has maybe a year to go on hers we are "premiere customers" and we are now looking to go to an-other carrier.  I should be able to use this device with my existing simply everything plan.  $120 for the year is one payment on my son's prepaid college fund, that's a hell of a lot more important than Daddy being able to have a cool phone.  Sprint YOU ARE DROPING THE BALL ON THIS ONE!


Short answer: Yes, the $10 charge is mandatory with the EVO regardless if you have 4G coverage, even if you only want to use the 3G. It is also per EVO phone, not per line. So the cheapest smartphone plan for two people (1,500 minutes, unlimited text/data) is normally $130.00, but will be $150.00 minimum, naturally if you have additonal lines and they are EVO phones, that is $10.00 ontop of the cost of adding a line.  The hotspot feature IS optional however (which we were pretty sure of anyway).

Longer answer:

So after getting conflicting answers from Sprint reps, I just emailed them on the official Sprint site where they advertise the EVO.  Here was my E-Mail to them and their response.

My Original Question:
Question: I am interested in the $130 for two smartphone plan. I
understand all of it's features and how includes 1500 minutes, etc.

My question is, I am considering going with the HTC EVO, the first 4G

phone. I have read (from the conference that showed the phone) that
there will be a $10 addon charge for the 4G with this phone. My question this a mandatory fee, or is it only if you want the 4G service
on the phone?  I live in a 3G only area, but if I am to sign a 2-year
contract, I would like the "option" of 4G eventually, without paying for
something I am not getting.

My next question is, if it is a mandatory fee of $10 (even if we don't

want/use 4G) is this fee per line, or just $10 on top of my plan?  The
plan I am interested includes two smartphone lines, my girlfriend and me
both want the EVO, would that mean we both would pay an extra $10? Or
just $10 on top of the plan so it would be a $140 a month.

I do understand that if we wanted the mobile hotspot feature that it is

extra and I have no plan on doing that, my question is limited to the
pricing plans involving the HTC EVO.

Thank you for your response.


Here is their response:

Dear  Vegito ,

Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding HTC Evo. We appreciate your

interest in Sprint products and services.

The $10 per month premium data add-on needed to enable all the features

of HTC EVO 4G and this is a fee for per line.

Mobile hotspot helps to connect up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices, such

as laptops, gaming devices and digital cameras, simultaneously at 4G
speeds (where available) and 3G speeds anywhere on the Sprint 3G network
at the rate of $29.99.

You can use 4G services only in those places where we have our 4G


For any kind of information regarding your Sprint account, please reply

back with following information :-

1. First and last name

2. Correct Sprint PCS telephone number

3. e-mail address

4. Billing address

We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to address your

concerns. Please reply to this email or visit if we
can be of further assistance.




Yes, this sucks because it is an AWESOME phone and my girlfriend and I were considering switching to Sprint soley for this phone and signing a two year contract, as a phone with 4G capabilities this seemed like a good investment and not likely to be obsolete in 2 years. But I do not want to pay $20 extra for a service that isn't in my area at all, I rather have the option of using 3G and upgrading to using 4G (or even paying a per-megabyte usage in 4G since there is no 4G where I live at all or even close). This phone would of definitely netted them my business for 2 years.

Sprint is/was the cheapest when it comes to plans with subsidized phones and is the 3rd largest carrier in the US.

This is my list of the cheapest plans for 2 smartphones per provider, as I have been shopping around and was really set on Sprint.

$109.00 a month, T-Mobile (700 minutes, unlimited text/data, No contract) Catch: This is only if you already own the phone.

The rest are advertised with 2-year contracts, but if you own the phone you don't have to sign a contract, but you still pay the rate.

$129.99 a month, Sprint (1500 minutes, unlimited text/data,)

$139.99 a month, T-Mobile (700 minutes, unlimited text/data)

$149.99 a month, Sprint (1500 minutes, unlimited text/data, smartphones that have 4G capabilities)

$159.99 a month AT&T (450 minutes, unlimited text/data)

$169.99 a month Verizon (Don't remember)

Now, I am not trying to advertise T-Mobile here, it just turns out they are the cheapest and interestingly enough without any exaggeration they have the fastest 3G network and their fastest 3G is even faster than Sprints 4G (at the moment). T-Mobile's 3G HSDPA+ technology is currently at 21Mbps (and recently achieved 31Mbps) while Sprints 4G is around 10Mbps and 14Mbps (correct?) Granted the HSDPA+ isn't everywhere just like 4G isn't everywhere, but T-Mobile's basic 3G footprint is running the 7.2Mbps and all their HSPA 3G phones are backwards compatible with HSDPA+ and future upgrades without changing handsets.

Again, I am not advocating T-Mobile just laying out the facts. They have the fastest 3G, but being only the 4th largest carrier, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint all have better 3G footprints than T-Mobile.

Food for thought when deciding if the EVO 4G is worth an extra $10 PER line, regardless if 4G is in your area (chances it is not, if you look at Sprint's coverage map, most states don't even have it in their captial city).  I know I probably seem biased, but I really don't think it is unreasonable for them to lock the 4G capabilities for those of us who want the phone and not pay for 4G access when our state may not even have it for another year or two, I'll gladly play an extra $10 per 4G phone if my area has it.  My biggest qualm is that this is a great phone by itself even without the 4G, no other Android they own even compares, their next best phone is running on half the processing power as the EVO and newer phones from other carriers.

I hope I answered some of y'alls and hope that some of you feel the same way as I do.  I would still go with Sprint if that fee was optional.


From other posts and replies, Sprint's decision about the charges is clear. However, the strategy is definitely unclear...

CHARGE customers for something NOT EVEN AVAILABLE sounds outright WRONG.

I dont complain much about Sprint at all, in fact tell everyone I come across how great it is and was very seriously considering the EVO but with this extra 10 dollars a month for a service which I wont even avail seems to be a deal breaker...

Too bad Sprint is making this decision. I am hoping that Sprint will use the time until June 4th to fix their mistake.




If Sprint doesn't re-think their position on the mandatory $10/month, I will be switching to AT&T and get the new iPhone.


dhwanijshah wrote:

From other posts and replies, Sprint's decision about the charges is clear. However, the strategy is definitely unclear...

CHARGE customers for something NOT EVEN AVAILABLE sounds outright WRONG.

I dont complain much about Sprint at all, in fact tell everyone I come across how great it is and was very seriously considering the EVO but with this extra 10 dollars a month for a service which I wont even avail seems to be a deal breaker...

Too bad Sprint is making this decision. I am hoping that Sprint will use the time until June 4th to fix their mistake.



I agree with you Dhwani if Dan Hesse never said that the current Everything Data plans would have already covered the cost of 4G.  However, he said in his CTIA 2010 conference presentation that those who already have an Everything Data or Simply Everything plan will not incur any additional rate plan costs to use the phone's [4G] capabilities.  Funny how that suddenly changed.

If Hesse simply said at CTIA 2010 that WiMAX capabilities would cost $10 more per month, I wouldn't be happy, but at least it would have been a legitimate way for the company to maintain its integrity.  In fact, all Dan Hesse would have had to say is that the cost to offer WiMAX (even though WiMAX costs less than EVDO in terms of $/KB) requires Sprint to charge a nominal additional data surcharge for the capability.

Ah well, leave it to Sprint to seriously continue its ignorant treatment of its customer base.


I totally agree that the $10 surcharge is both ridiculous and a horrible business move.  Its like selling me a bicycle and charging a mandatory monthly trail use fee when you're living in the middle of a city.  I live in a rural area and there is no way sprint will have 4G here anytime in the next two years, but I'll still be paying to use it.  I'm a sprint premiere customer and have been a customer for near to 10 years.  Why would I bother to stick with a company that continues to disappoint me?


I totally agree, Sprint needs to rethink this fast. I also, do not have a 4G area, why should I have to pay the 10.00 fee, It's like I go get my kid an ice cream cone and pay, I get the cone and no ice cream !!! I saw on another site that the "Rich Data Experience" is for unlimited use, I pay already for unlimited use with my plan, so what's the difference. Sprint, also it's taken 7months to get the Hero updated to 2.1, how long till the EVO gets 2.2 ? I'm guessing after the 2 year agreement is up. You really need some communications with your customers, more and more people are leaving Sprint and this is really not helping with what you are doing.


Interesting thread.  We are a 2 person family also.  Wanted to get the EVO, but with each phone getting the $10.00 charge, not sure if I will.  No idea of when we will get the 4G in our area.

Regarding the WI-FI charge.  We are told by our local store, that is a $30.00 per phone charge also.  While it is optional, if we wanted to get rid of our internet, we would have to pay $60.00 for it.

So $129.00 + $20 + $60  = a lot of money.   I don't mind paying the $20 (10 per phone if I was in a 4G area and I wouldn't find paying the $30-for a monthly charge, but not  $30.00 for each phone.

Think if Sprint really wanted to make a big splash and gain a lot of people, they wouldn't have the $10 charge and only charge a 2 phone family $30.00.  Think they would get a lot of people and really gain market share.

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