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4G,, Here's an Idea Sprint


4G,, Here's an Idea Sprint

To actually get 4g up and running before conning more people in to buying more coming out 4g phones , What a crock a ****   , Ive had this evo 3 months , still no 4g.

Also here's another joke, its not the extra 10 bux that bothers me , its the lie.  They tell ya yep, more data throughput  , you can only put so much data through 3g regardless of the phone , a 3g device is a 3g device , christ man wake up.

Some more lies , keep coming out with more 4g phones but at least tell people theres no 4g network in most places.

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Re: 4G,, Here's an Idea Sprint

I can totally relate with you.  Us Nextel folks have been complaining about Sprint's attempt to gauge us since day one.  I can't believe that the company wants to charge us $69.99 for unlimited data services when not a single iDEN phone is capable of sucking up data faster than 1/2 the speed of a regular dial-up modem.  One could argue that the Motorola i1 can use data faster, but that's only when in a WiFi hotspot.  Otherwise, even that phone can't suck down data any where near the speed that Sprint CDMA phones can.  So why charge iDEN users the same price for obviously inferior data speeds?

Bottom line:

Sprint is a joke of a company.  As people realize this, this company will lose subscribers left and right.  Oh wait, they have been since Nextel merged with them.  Funny how that is, isn't it?


Re: 4G,, Here's an Idea Sprint

Sprint is very forthcoming in their 4G coverage.  Their website provides an interactive map on exactly what coverage is where and how strong you should expect the signal to be.

And I disagree, not all 3G phones are the same.  It's not a moving limit on the upper end of data, but the fact that the phone will use more data more often.  Not throughput, but usage.  But even throughput has some merit as the phone is fast and can respond to sending and receiving data faster therefore increasing throughput.  My Evo transfers data even when I'm not using it.  Widgets mostly, but updating the news, weather, etc.  There are 3G phones that do not have this capability.  Or web browsers that are as advanced or even the ability to play flash or youtube videos.  The potential to use more data is incredibly high.  Adding in 4G only adds more potential to use more data.  I do not have 4G in my area and using only 3G, I've used 10.3 GB of data this month.  Mostly watching online videos. Hi, my name is suiris and I'm a southpark addict...  Even when I bought the phone it didn't have the ability to watch those videos but since the upgrade it does.  And now it consumes massive data every evening.

The bottom line comes down to this...  The information is out there.  People are capable of research and just asking direct questions.  If one is in the market for a 4G phone and does not ask about 4G coverage (even 3g for that matter) then they are depriving themself of basic information they should have prior to the purchase.

Sprint gives you a 30 day test drive.  There's no excuse to not being fully informed in those 30 days as to how the phone meets the needs of the purchaser.


Re: 4G,, Here's an Idea Sprint

I agree with the First guy.

I don't believe sprint should be doing this big national campaign about 4g when they only cover less than 1% of there coverage area.  Customer don't like to be mislead, it only make us made and in return we want to leave you.  Save everyone the headache and just advertise where you have installed the service.  That might even save you some money. 

Another thing is to be a little more tactical about deploying your service.  Start in your biggest cities and work your way down.  I'm no business man but bigger cities, more customer, more service and phones.  (L.A hello).


Re: 4G,, Here's an Idea Sprint

I was chomping at the bit to upgrade from my HTC Hero (owned for 1yr) to this Evo, and finally did so last week. My Hero synced accounts and "transferred data" even when I wasn't using it. I got 3G on the Hero just as well as I get it on the Evo. The main difference between the Hero and the Evo is screen size and processing power. Oh, and the fact that someone decided the Hero wasn't worthy of Android 2.2.

Regarding 4G availability, either the existing maps are a farce or my phone is defective; I'm seriously doubting the latter. I've read multiple reports of people continuously swapping Evo after Evo due to 4G scanning but not connecting, and the new phones never solve their problems. So, it would seem to me that it's more an issue with Sprint's 4G coverage. Feel free to check the map yourself for my area - Portland, OR (97214) - it's solid dark blue, meaning I ought to be able to get a strong signal, even indoors. But, I can't. I've also tried various other locations in/around Portland with the same results.

So, I dunno whose reality is faulty, but with a $10 charge for a feature that doesn't work, despite Sprint's advertising that it certainly does, I'm thinking the customer's right here...

Re: 4G,, Here's an Idea Sprint

I've said it once and I'll say it again, Sprint has no integrity.  As such, is it really any surprise that Sprint "claims" to offer 4G connectivity, yet reality dictates otherwise?  This is the same company that claimed that 4G services would cost those on the Simply Everything and Everything Data plans NOTHING EXTRA in order to use such 4G phones on the Sprint network.

Bottom Line:  Sprint needs to learn AND understand what integrity means.  Then the company needs to adopt it in everything that they do and say.  Until that day comes (trust me, it never will...this company is run by the most inept exec team ever assembled), this company will continue to fail as it always has.

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