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4G data card doesn't work at night


4G data card doesn't work at night

My 4G connection doesn't connect at night time. I can connect though 4G in the day time with no problems but at night time, around 11PM (on the dot) I loss my 4G connection or unable to connect to 4G at that time. At 7AM (on the dot) I'm able to connect to 4G again. It's as if someone flipped the 4G switch to off for the night and flip it back on at 7AM .... every day. It didn't use to be this way but I've just started noticing it in the past month. Does 4G signal not work in the dark? Does Sprint have something to do with this?


Re: 4G data card doesn't work at night

I can't be the only one experiencing this!


Re: 4G data card doesn't work at night

Sprint WIMAX 4G is the weirdest technology I've ever experienced

As we know, I lose 4G connection after 11PM and unable to regain 4G connection until after 7AM. During the morning, afternoon, and evening I'm able to connect to 4G from anywhere in my home, with my home office having the best connection (3 bars). I never have a problem with 3G connection. 3G works anywhere/everywhere, and I always get 5 bars. The only problem I am having with 3G is the 5Gig data cap. I've been using a lot of my 3G monthly data allocation because of my 4G connection problems, which is the reason why I'm pressing for 4G (unlimited) to work. I do most of my work at night.

I'm working with an RF Engineer (technical support). I think they are stumped on what the problem is. Was told by my tech, he needed to discuss what the cause could be with his co-workers and would get back with me next week. We both went over various ideas and steps to take in solving with issue. After 11PM, I disconnected and reconnected to 4G and to no surprise, 4G wouldn't connect. I then decided to 'reset' the 4G connection steps:




3. TYPE IN CODE: 805436


After going though the steps above, I was still unable to connect to 4G. Now I decided to Uninstall SmartView and reinstall the original app from the CD that came with my 4G card ... and that didn't work.

About 3AM, I got the idea to take my notebook outdoors and try to connect. To my surprise, it worked. 4G connected for an entire 3mins. So I walked down to the end of my street and reconnected. 4G not only connected but stayed connected until I walked back into the house. I disconnected 4G and reconnected but lost the ability to reconnect. I took my notebook to my kitchen breakfast table to make coffee and attempted to connect to my DSL wireless line when I noticed 4G was connected and running. As I type this, 4G is still running on 2 bars.

The only thing I can come up with about this problem is, maybe the tower is limiting its wireless network reach at night. I live over 10 miles away from the nearest tower so I don't know if that has something to do with it. I doubt it. In the day time I am able to connect to a strong 4G signal (3 bars) without any problems and NO disconnects.

So I don't know ... looking forward to talking to the engineer (tech support) about this. Maybe he'll have an answer/solution as to, why I'm unable to connect at night but can connect in the daytime without ever moving my notebook.


Re: 4G data card doesn't work at night

Its been a entire month today, since I've posted my 4G data card night time connection problems.

Before I've called Sprint about the problem, played phone tag with many different support reps over a 4 day period, and not one person knew what the problem was. Then all of a sudden, the problem works itself out. In that month time, I've had a few night time connection problems but nothing that spanned though a series of days.

Well, I'm back and having to same problem. Fourth day in a row, 4G cuts off on me at night. I get cut off now at 10pm and magically someone turns the service back on at 7:30am every morning. Sprint is killing my small business.

Its too late in the night to place yet another call to Sprint support, and wait upwards to 2 hours on hold. Don't have that kinda patience today. Will call them tomorrow and start the game of phone tag and my favorite game of, 'how long can I wait on hold".

I'm at my ends wits with Sprint and their 4G. I've never paid so much for something that doesn't work. I give you money every month, give me something that works. It's only a fair deal!

I patiently wait for the day Verizon offers their LTE 4G. I would have already closed out Sprint/Clear account months ago.

Wish me luck tomorrow with support as I'm gonna need it.


Re: 4G data card doesn't work at night

I want to thank you for your original post and follow ups.

I am currently looking tirelessly for an explanation to a sudden loss of 4g at my current work place.

Though my issue is not time related, I believe your right about something interfering.

I called Tech support and they mentioned a tower was called in and fixed.  So I can't rule that out.

I want to say that 4G is very spotty.   I normal person will never find 4G in my office, but I somehow managed to find the few spots.

These spots are crazy.  A simple distance of 1/2 a feet can mean you have connection or never connecting at all.

For the last several months, i was able to find a  reliable connection.  Now it's impossible.  I find it but just can't hold on for a few seconds.

I don't understand what happened.  I can only speculate someone has created a new interference, or the tower the fixed is now sending weaker signals.

I have done several tests, which include multiple phones of same model.

I am very familiar with the phone and it's capabilities.

So as far as your time issues goes, it's possible someone has someone running something that degrades the towers strength, or is in your path.

I plan to learn more about 4G technology and find out the spectrum and get to understand it.  Sometimes if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself lol.... Or i'll switch carriers too.  Which ever is easiest.

Anyone else experience related 4G connection issues?

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