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4G discrimination


4G discrimination

how unfair is that every single person that has a 4G phone has to pay the extra $10 for the suppose to be extraordinary 4G experience. i understand that people that have it is happy with it and who wouldn't, but not even 30% of the country have access to the 4G red. 70% of the map if is not more, has not acces to the 4g red, and if you leave between this area (70%) and decide to buy a 4g phone it sucks for you because you have to pay the extra money but you are not getting the suppose announce 4G coverage. sprint keep saying the only network with 4G experience and blah blah, they should say the only network with 4G experience for only some states. the first sprint 4G phone (htc evo) was in the market on june 4th 2010, today is november 21st and still just some states are being covered by the so announce 4G NETWORK. In additon, they keep saying now we add NY to our largest 4G network, well their largest is barely 30% of the map but whatever, and also they don't have NY they add NYC and places around, i live in NY and i don't even have 1 bar of 4G, i have nothing. so basically i'm just another 4G customer paying for the same service, but not getting what some others are getting. it really bothers me that i'm being discriminate by my location (long island) and that sprint keep saying is coming, first they say by the end of 2010, i called like 4 days ago and they say probably by june of the next year, which means a whole year paying for something that i'm not getting, if isn't more that that. only thing i'm saying is, SPRINT should do something for us that are not getting what we were promised.......

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