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4G in Joplin MO.


4G in Joplin MO.

Hello everyone. For the past couple weeks I have had 4G here in Joplin MO. For some reason, it does not show 4G here in Joplin according to the Sprint Coverage maps but it shows up in the Got Clear? App in my phone. What is going on? I'm not complaining but I love it and Thank You Sprint! CAP2011011700511.jpg



Re: 4G in Joplin MO.

I doubt Joplin is an "official" 4G market right now.  The only WIMAX tower in Joplin is at 15th and Illinois that I am aware of.  It looks like WIMAX equipment is also going up at 7th and Range Line on the KOAM tower or across the street near Hastings.

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