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4g Rhode Island coverage using roofmount antenna


4g Rhode Island coverage using roofmount antenna

Hello all. I recently switched to a Sprint Epic 4g and I would like to try to have 4g coverage in my house. I'm not that far away from a supported 4g area. I was looking at getting a 2.3-2.7Ghz parabolic grid antenna rated at 24dBi gain and mounting it on the roof. I see that the Epic offers nicely labeled antenna connectors under the battery panel.

My question: how can I find the exact location of the 4g transmitter locations so that I know the azimuth for setting up my antenna? I'm confident I will be able to get a signal but that's my missing piece of information I need before I order the antenna and 20 feet of lmr-400 or maybe even some hardline.

According to my coverage map if I walk 2 blocks down the road I should have 4g. I'm not asking for more then what is possible. With the antenna I picked I should have -72dBm to -80dBm signal as an assumption.

Thanks guys!

P.S. If I can get a 4g signal in my house I will be adding the mobile hotspot to my service for sure.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Neat!  We don't have a public database of antenna locations, BUT a neat site:

has scraped all the FCC records for towers and antennas.  Sprint may be listed as Sprint, Sprintspectrum, Nextel Holdings, or Towerco.  Clear is Clearwire Spectrum Holdings -- that should give you the location.

Good luck!


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

If I understand correctly the Clear or ClearWire will be the 4g tower I'm looking to locate? Can a non-Clear site also support 4g?

Thank you for the info. I was familiar with that site but narrowing down what it what on that site can be troublesome. I was looking up FCC licenses on a few of those transmitters to see if I could find the allocated spectrum of each license but that is taking so long. I know 4g will stand out being 2.5-2.7Ghz (If I read correctly)

What is the name of the antenna connector on the Samsung Galaxy S (Epic)?


I find some adapters but non I can be sure of. If I can find out the connector type I can just solder and crimp my own cable. I have a lot of RF experience.

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