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EVO apps you cannot remove and the mysterious 4G


EVO apps you cannot remove and the mysterious 4G

After 7 months of having an EVO and having lived in two major metro areas I just tasted 4G in South Florida. But it only worked 20% of the time. What a joke!

My latest complaint and I am furious over this is they downloaded blockbuster, nova, kindle, and  other apps, and I cannot remove them! I am ready to turn the phone in, and f*** them. Give me a bad credit rating.. I make tons of money.

I talked to Sprint and they are imbedded into the Operating System on purpose.

The phone screen looks like a corporate bill board!

Apple I-phone does not force Apps on you like this. What can we do about this?

Is anyone else angry over this?

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Re: EVO apps you cannot remove and the mysterious 4G

I don't understand the point of putting on vendor applications which you cannot remove. If Sprint produced applications their customers wanted to use, they would not remove them. The fact Sprint prevents application removal leads me to believe they know the majority of customers do not want them.


Re: EVO apps you cannot remove and the mysterious 4G

Yeah, I am with you 100% on this issue. I find it absolutely ridiculous that they force these apps on us. It's not acceptable. There are NUMEROUS apps that I DO NOT and WILL NOT ever use, yet I am forced to have them, taking up space and I'm sure slowing down the performance of my phone. I am wondering if this is what I am going to have to look forward to everytime Sprint issues a service update, MORE BLOATWARE!

Here is a list of the apps that are personally useless to me that I am STUCK with:

Amazon MP3/504KB


Sprint TV/280KB

Amazon Kindle/1.57MB


Nova Demo/252KB (Even if you bought this game, the DEMO would still exist on your phone!)

Sprint Football Live/616KB


So there's eight (8) apps, that will never get used for the life of the phone....just sitting there.....taking up space and resources. Now would'nt it make a little sense to be able to get rid of them?!?!

I can see why people would want to root their phone, if anything just to remove some of this junk. I would seriously contemplate doing that if I wasn't afraid of bricking my phone and the headaches it would cause with future updates and support.

Cmon Sprint, not everyone is a Football fan, not everyone is a NASCAR fan, not everyone is a stock broker, not everyone reads books on their mobile devices, not everyone rents from Blockbuster (Netflix baby!), not everyone likes cheap Halo rip off fps's (and it's only a DEMO ffs!), and not everyone "buys" mp3s. SO WHY THE EFF ARE THESE APPS ON MY PHONE!

Get with the program, that is all!


Re: EVO apps you cannot remove and the mysterious 4G

Hmmm, let's see... $10 dollar storage fee, per unwanted/forced app on MY phone that I cannot delete, times 8...

Lowers the bill considerably.

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