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Nokia N810 Wimax


Nokia N810 Wimax

I own a Nokia N810 wimax and live in chicago. I had visited Baltimore and was able to get service there.

I used to see "Xohm" connection points in Chicago, but now hat 4G has been officially launched in Chicago, I don't see anything.

I just had a frustratingly long discussion with a CLEAR service rep, who kept telling me I need to buy a wireless router.

Will Sprint 4G work on this device, which has a Wimax radio builtin?



I've posed your question to the internal Sprint 4G group. I'll update this thread as soon as I get back a response.


Cool, thanks for the quick reply!

I know the device was discountinued, but there are a bunch out there, so there is a customer base.

For what it's worth, I think it might be possbile to get it working with some tweaking in /etc/wimax.conf

If someone could tell me what frequency ranges (I tried looking it up from FCC, but I don't really know how since license registration is tracked by company location, not transmitter) the 4G in Chicago operates at and what the preamble is, it might work. I've tried some manually tweaking with no luck, but I'd rather not try and brute force the entire spectrum until I get something to work.

I signed up for the service through clearwire so I could test it out, since there's a 7 day gaurantee. I was wondering if not having my MAC registered would hurt anything, but I haven't seen anything work after signing up.

I look forward to whatever you guys can come up with internally.

Thanks for all the help!


I have the same question.  I just spent over an hour on the phone with Clear and got no answer.  I've been playing around with commenting and uncommenting the various options in the wimax.conf file.  Supposedly the Clear network is operating on a 2.5Ghz frequency.  I don't know a lot about this but the config on by default in my wimax.conf file is:

[plan ruoholahti]
start_freq = 2600000
end_freq = 2600000
freq_step = 250
bandwidth= 10000
fftxize = 1024
duplex = 0


isn't that 2.6Ghz?  I tried the various other sets of options which seemed to my naieve eyes to be in the 2.5 range but none of them seemed to work.  (i rebooted my N810WE each time to just make sure it was really reading the new config.

Does anyone know what the proper setting would be for the Clear network in Chicago?

If you pull down the latest copy of firmware you'll find that the WIMAX configuration files have been updated for Clear. I noticed it when I happened to update my device recently.  The frustrating thing is that the version number hasn't changed, so there's no obvious reason to reflash the device unless someone tells you this.

I haven't validated this, as they only just now lit up Northern Virginia (again), but there are reports that it's working for other N810WE customers in markets where Clear has begun service.

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